The Present and Future of NFC in Cars with ST

The risk of missing the next technological milestone in cars has never been greater. The automotive industry is changing at a pace that was unimaginable a decade ago, and one would be wrong to think that it’s only a matter of electrification. Electric cars are certainly getting more mainstream, but there’s also the “appification” of the vehicles’ interface thanks to new interactions with our smartphone brought by NFC. A few years ago, an NFC reader was a neat little feature to open doors. Today, customers are clamoring for more integration with their mobile devices, and the easiest way to offer differentiating functionalities is to rely on Near-Field Communication.

Thanks to the newfound popularity of mobile payment with phones and smartwatches, the public is more familiar with this technology. They understand that by bringing a tag, like those present in smartphones or cards, close to a reader, inductive coupling will allow the reader to get data from the tag and perform certain operations. However, as the automotive industry is finding new ways to use NFC readers, it’s crucial for decision makers and engineers to understand how they can take advantage of these latest developments. We decided to learn more about this by talking to two ST experts, Giuliana Curro and Rene Wutte, Technical Marketing Manager NFC/RFiD, to ask them how cars use NFC today, and how they will use it tomorrow.

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