EverestIMS IoT platform integrates with Bionic Yantra’s REARS to accelerate physical rehabilitation of patients

EverestIMS Technologies recently announced its collaboration with Bionic Yantra, India’s first medical robotics company. The integration of Everest’s IoT platform with Bionic Yantra’s Robotic Exoskeleton Assisted Rehabilitation Systems (REARS) will help hospitals gain greater insights from the data collected from a specially-abled person.

REARS accelerates the rehabilitation process by reducing the overall recovery time after a given surgical procedure. REARS benefits can be leveraged in a variety of medical applications including assisting healthy senior citizens, enabling specialized training for athletes and activities (games) for kids. It enables standard therapeutic procedures across regions and hospitals while automating measurement of patient progress.

With Everest, Bionic has incorporated advanced technologies such as IoT and ML to REARS adding value to a patients’ experience. With the integration of Everest’s IoT platform, hospitals can acquire far deeper insights from the data collected from a specially-abled person. The automated therapy is safe and reliable – at a reasonable cost and accelerates recovery and improves rehabilitation outcomes.

The Everest IoT solution will record the rehabilitation session details, helping the patient for insurance claims. All the historical data of the patient is stored and can be accessed from everyday devices. Additionally, it also provides assistive information to the patient, including all the exercises and routines completed along with advice of future routines. Overall, it offers a complete patient management solution with detailed insights of activities, reports and future guidance.

Together, both companies are transforming patients into productive assets of society.