Europlacer’s ii-P7 Premium Stencil Printer Sets New Standards for High-Mix Assembly

Europlacer, a leading provider of SMT assembly solutions, is excited to highlight the success of its latest premium stencil printer, the ii-P7, showcased at the recent 2024 IPC APEX EXPO. Boasting groundbreaking features and productivity enhancements, the ii-P7 has set a new standard in precision and efficiency for high-mix assembly environments.

Compared to Europlacer’s flagship EP710 printer, the ii-P7 offers a maintenance-free printhead with active closed-loop squeegee pressure and zero squeegee calibration, reducing setup and changeover times. It accommodates stencil sizes from 584mm to 736mm without the need for an adaptor, further streamlining operations.

The ii-P7 boasts impressive speed and productivity enhancements, shortening print cycle time performance by 25% in standard mode and by more than 50% with optional special motor technology. Practical usability improvements include an underside component clearance of 30mm, catering to manufacturers assembling complex double-sided boards with tall underside components.

Enhanced operator experience is a key focus of the ii-P7, featuring improved cover support ergonomics and a large 22-inch touchscreen monitor. The printer runs on upgraded Europlacer OS (iiPS) software, offering intuitive step-and-repeat functions and faster commissioning procedures.

Significant enhancements to the underscreen cleaning process improve print quality and process control. Improved paper management and fluid control, supported by an external solvent tank, streamline operations. An optional single-pass wet-dry-vacuum under screen cleaner reduces cleaning process time by 33%, while a quick-change cassette system enables seamless paper roll replacement in seconds.

The ii-P7 printhead has been fully re-engineered to deploy EuroGlide contoured premium squeegee blades, providing integrated paste containment and easy blade swap and setup.

Factory-wide connectivity is central to Europlacer’s design ethos, with IPC-CFX and Hermes-compliant protocols built into the ii-P7. Remote machine status monitoring and predictive consumable replenishment functions are fitted as standard.

The all-new platform design eliminates cooling fans, enhancing maintenance ease, quiet operation, and overall reliability.

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