Electric Vehicles and Hybrid Electric Vehicles Driving the SiC Diodes Market

Ascending Sales of EV's and Hybrid EV's to Create Remunerative Opportunities for SiC Diodes Market

The growing demand for high-power semiconductors and growth in the need for electric and hybrid vehicles are among the key factors driving the SiC diodes market.

Demand for autonomous and hybrid vehicles is rapidly increasing, and the demand for fuel-efficient power transform electronics for the automobile industry is becoming crucial. Electronic devices can be used efficiently and efficiently at high temperatures. Owing to these factors, silicon carbide technology is beginning to gain traction to increase the supply of electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles for power electronics.

Applicability Extending Beyond Automotive & Aerospace

The demand for SiC diodes is growing due to their high-temperature capabilities owing to the ample energy band gap between silicon carbide and gallium arsenide or pure silicon, which is one of the significant advantages of SiC diodes. The wider band gap of silicon carbide material helps reduce intrinsic carrier absorption for high-temperature operations as well as helps reduce leakage currents. These characteristics of SiC diodes are mainly used for higher frequency light detection, higher frequency switching, and high-temperature devices. Moreover, due to their high-temperature capabilities, the demand for silicon carbide diodes is increasing rapidly in various application areas such as data centers, aerospace, and automotive.

Increasing demand for high-power semiconductors due to the revolution in electronic equipment has covered the power supply and automation industries, as well as opened up various possibilities for controlling how electrical energy is transmitted and used. Improvements in power electronic devices were primarily based on the procedures and technology developed mainly for low-power applications and then adjusted & configured to allow components to handle high voltages and currents to meet the specifications of higher energy ratings. These advancements in power semiconductors have led to significant improvements in power electronics applications in terms of power handling capability and control. Due to these factors, the demand for silicon carbide materials and devices is increasing rapidly.

East Asia’s Market Continues to Represent Prominent Position, Globally

The global SiC diodes market is expected to mark a total incremental opportunity of US$ 467.2 Mn during the forecast period of 2018 to 2028. The global SiC diodes market research report has segmented the global SiC diodes market by forward current, reverse voltage, application, and region. The forward current segment is further segmented into 2 to 5 A, 6 to 10 A, 11 to 20 A, 21 to 40 A, and above 40 A. The reverse voltage segment is further segmented into 600V/650 V, 1200 V, 1700 V, and 3300 V. Moreover, the application of SiC diodes include automotive, medical imaging, communication, data centers, defense, photovoltaic solutions, and others.

Based on region, East Asia is among the more significant markets in the global SiC diodes market owing to the existence of various key players. Moreover, the adoption of SiC diodes in the medical imaging, communication, and automobile industries are also among factors driving the SiC diodes market. The SiC diodes markets in South Asia are likely to witness growth with a high CAGR during the forecast period due to the growing penetration of advanced communication systems and the growing demand for high-power semiconductors in some countries of this region. Furthermore, a constant increase in the total number of companies that provide SiC diodes in South and East Asian countries is expected to positively impact the growth of the SiC diodes market during the forecast period.

Some of the key players in the global SiC diodes market research report include Infineon Technologies, STMicroelectronics N.V., Microchip Technology Inc., Cree, Inc., ON Semiconductor Corporation, ROHM Semiconductor, Littelfuse Inc., WeEn Semiconductors, CALY Technologies, and United Silicon Carbide Inc. These companies in the SiC diodes market are continually focusing on providing leading products and following the strategy of entering into partnerships with and acquiring other SiC diodes providers to offer enhanced products as well as to reach new growth markets during the forecast period.

 These insights are based on a report on SiC Diodes Market by Persistence Market Research