The Most Affordable Email Drip Campaigns Tool: Review

In the technological era, email marketing is one of the most crucial tools to gain an audience and boost your business. For decades, professionals all over the world have been using it and daily, more and more marketers try it and in the end stay satisfied.

Email drip campaigns have become a core part of online marketing. And to choose the most affordable and beneficial email drip campaigns tool, you need to look through this review.

I was looking for a genuine drip email service provider and tried quite a lot of the email drip campaigns but unfortunately, I couldn’t achieve the desired results. And here are the reasons why I decided to try the Email Drip Campaigns offered by a friend of mine:

  • Most of the service providers were not pushing my drip emails to my desired audience at the time I needed. I mean, I wanted follow-ups to be sent according to the time zones the leads live in. But something went wrong and it didn’t happen correctly. So my emails were lost in the Inboxes.
  • Luckily, I found some authentic and genuine email drip campaigns but those were quite pricy and it was out of my range to afford them.
  • At last, I also wasn’t satisfied with the user interface. Luckily, provides a truly user-friendly interface, intuitive, and easy-to-use. The drag-n-drop editor is amazing and it took me a few minutes to deal with it.

Thanks a lot to my friend who suggested me the Email Drip Campaigns. Right now, after using this remarkable service, I don’t possess any words to praise them. Here are some reasons that make the Email Drip Campaign unique and worth trying.

It is truly affordable

The Email Drip Campaigns tool is the tool to support small and mid-sized businesses. Their pricing is not high at all, starting at $29 only. Moreover, they offer a free plan, completely free of cost. If you think that the free plan has got any restrictions or limits in features usage, you are wrong. Their quality service is free of cost and you are given full rights to control and design your drip email whenever & wherever you want. Besides it, you don’t require any credit card authentication to proceed. Additionally to this, you will be given a full hand to moderate your targeted audience along with your drip email.

Easy-peasy login and usage

One of the most brilliant merits of using the Email Drip Campaign is its login. It is not tough to signup for a account. You just need a verified Gmail account to signup. No personal credentials are required at all.

And when you start creating your first drip campaign, you realize that there’s nothing difficult at all. The interface is easy and even a child will cope with it.

An unlimited number of emails

Another cool feature of the Email Drip Campaign is its limitless count of emails. Yes, is offering you an unlimited number of emails in email campaigns. That means that you can build the email chain as long as you need.


If you are into online marketing, you must know the importance of scheduling. First of all, you need to set the time at which your emails will be sent every day. Because an email drip campaign isn’t a one-time thing. You need to be frequent about your drip emails. However, is offering remarkable scheduling for your email drip campaigns. You just need to tell them about your schedule and time span they will settle all the aspects and your emails will be sent to your audience within your schedule.

Video tutorials

Along with the best login, is very easy to use – they have uploaded various guiding videos from where you can learn how to use their services. Each and every video is utterly helpful and makes it fun to use the Email Drip Campaigns.

Send your first drip email with

I’ve tried to do my best to provide you with details on why the Email Drip Campaigns tool is the best solution for email marketing. Hopefully, I’ve managed to do that. Just think of it, the price is affordable, the scheduling feature is free-to-use, the interface is friendly.

And I forgot to mention one more thing: except drip emails, you will have access to some other tools offered by to find and verify email addresses and track the sent emails. Cool, yeh?

So stop doubting and sign up finally!

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