300 W AC-DC Cassette Converters for Railway & Rugged Industrial Applications

Bel Power Solutions Announces Melcher LR Series 

Bel Power Solutions announced their Melcher LR Series 300 W AC-DC cassette converters, which are designed for railway and rugged industrial applications. These new LR Series products are an enhancement to Bel Power Solutions’ existing broad range of 19″ cassette power supplies, ideal for when robustness and high reliability are required.

The products feature a universal AC input voltage range including active inrush current limitation and power factor correction (PFC). Two highly efficient, isolated outputs of 12 or 15 V up to 300 W offer maximized flexibility in system architecture and make them uniquely suited for various railway applications, such as signaling, rugged communication, heavy duty industrial control, as well as mission-critical defense and security systems.

The converters are incorporated in a rugged aluminum extruded case and can operate in a convection / conduction cooled environment at temperatures from -40° up to 85°C. All PCBs are conformal coated and protected against humidity and pollution which occurs during typical lifecycles of +20 years. LR Series are fully compliant and safety approved to the latest edition of IEC/EN 62368-1 and UL/CSA 62368-1. Underlining the high quality and reliability of the LR Series, Bel Power Solutions is offering an extended warranty of 5 years on all LR Series power converters.

The converters are fully protected against over-load, -voltage, -temperature, under voltage, no-load and short circuit with automatic recovery. Additional features include integrated hold-up capacitors for 20ms interruption, active current share for parallel and redundant operation, rectangular current limit characteristic and remote voltage adjust, inhibit and fail signal.

Link to LR Series Product Page: https://belfuse.com/product-detail/power-solutions-ac-dc-rugged-cassettes-lr-series