Top 10 Fitness Smart Bands of 2019

Physical fitness is most important in today’s modern world and for those who are fitness freak and technology lovers. There are many gadgets and amongst them the most popular are fitness bands.

Fitness band also known as activity tracker is a type of electronic device to be worn on a wrist which monitors the health and physical activity of humans such as heart rate, walking, sleeping, swimming etc. It is a device which is designed to check the results of our exercises and help in the proper management of health by making fit automatically and tracking our daily activities.

For those who are fitness freak and fitness band lovers, here is the list of latest top fitness smart bands. And if you are looking for the best accessories to match your fitness band, then you must definitely check out websites that offer different designs! Also, when shopping for a fitness band like a Fitbit, make sure to check out the specifications via websites like Mobile Mob to learn as much you can about the device!  

Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro Smart Band

  1. Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro Smart Band: Gear Fit2 Pro comes with a stunning AMOLED curved display showing every information on a screen with a crystal clear shine and visibility. It is fully touchscreen and has Onboard GPS, a Wi-Fi connection and music player to sync the fitness tracker with mobile phone or computer and groove in with the music while doing the exercises. It is validated by the MIL-STD-810G certification and IP68 rating and it is affordable, durable, water resistant to 50 metres, monitor heart rate and have a battery backup of 3 days.

Garmin Vivosport

2. Garmin Vivosport: Garmin Vivosport is best fitness band for those who are adventurers. It is small, compact and compatible with Android, iOS, Windows and have a battery life of 7 days. Its some other features includes heart rate monitor, stress monitoring, GPS, sleep tracking, altimeter, rep-counting and is wearable while swimming.

Fitbit Alta HR

3.Fitbit Alta HR:A 15 mm body design having a 15gm weight and a robust heat-resistant rubber strap, Fitbit Alta HR comes with an exciting feature of pure pulse heart rate that monitor the heart for 24 hours. The optical heart rate sensor and the ‘smart track auto exercise recognition’ constantly work in the background to keep a track record of heart health, BPM (beats per minute) and determine when we are involved in some physical exercise or idle. It is water resistant upto 50 metres and have a vibration motor and accelerometer.

Fitbit Charge 34. Fitbit Charge 3: Fitbit charge 3 is a upgrade version of its predecessor fitbit charge 2 with 20% lighter and 40% larger screen than before. The band has Corning Gorilla Glass along with aerospace grade aluminium and a brand new SpO2 sensor which detect any disturbance while sleeping pattern. It have ’15 Exercises mode’ which guides through different exercises and water-resistant upto 50 metres. It comes with unisex design for both men and women and available in four different colours having a battery backup of 7 days.

5. Moov Now 3D fitness tracker: Moov Now comes with an exciting feature of ‘7+ minute circuit training’ which is fast and intense 7 minutes of workout that can be chosen to perform if somebody have a tight schedule or office goer. It has Omni Motion sensor which uses 3D tacking ability to sense or track our body postures. It is water resistant upto 50 metres and has a battery life of 6-7 months. It is compatible with both iOS and Android.

Moov Now 3D  fitness tracker

Fitbit Inspire HR

6. Fitbit Inspire HR: Fitbit Inspire HR is the best and cheap fitness tracker with a heart rate sensor which automatically track sleep stages and gives deeper insights of cardio fitness. It is slim and light weight and has a 5 days battery life. It can be connected to smartphone and wearable while swimming and has got the replaceable band and coloured screen.

Apple Watch Series (4)7. Apple Watch Series (4): The Apple Series (4), the best smartwatch overall, is more than the sports watch which act as a trainer that understands all our ways of workout and puts every detail on your wrist from start to finish line. It is the unique watch having the largest display yet amongst the rest of the Apple watches. Its new display technology, LTPO improve its power efficiency by providing full day battery backup of 18 hours on single charge throughout the day.

Its Digital Crown feature make easy to navigate on Apple watch without hindering the display. The second generation optical heart sensor of the watch quickly check the heart rate and detect falling of heart rate below a particular threshold for period of ten minutes when a person appear to be inactive by prompting a low heart rate notification.

Garmin Forerunner 235

8. Garmin Forerunner 235: It is the best fitness tracker for the runner which calculate your V02 max score and suggest the recovery advisor in order to let you know how long to take rest between the runs. Being small and light in weight it also has a colourful screen which make it easy to read in the sunlight. It comes with a adjustable band, a battery life of 11 hours using GPS and heart rate sensor, a sleep tracking system and swim-proof but without swim tracking mode.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

  •  9.Samsung Galaxy Watch Active: If you are android users then Galaxy Watch Active is the best smartwatch you are looking for.Its sleek design, battery life of 36 hours, GPS, heart rate sensor and compatibility with android and iOS are some of its features. Its exciting feature is that it also has mobile payment system via Samsung Pay and onboard music via Spotify.

Fitbit Versa

10.Fitbit Versa: A fitness tracker best known for women as it has a female health-tracking features and advanced sleep tracking that make it good to buy. Though its battery life is of 4 days, it is the best valued watch to buy having a price range of less than $200.  It has the heart rate sensor, support GPS only when connected to smartphone, swim-proof and compatible with both android and iOS. It also has an app store with popular apps such as Pandora and Starbucks and enable to store music offline to listen to while doing workout.