Are you puzzled between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

Now-a-days the world is talking about the recent trends in the field of Technology which are Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and their application and role within each and every segment of the market. Their application is not only limited to connected devices or industry 4.0 but also in banking, retail, search engine, education, medical industry etc which is progressing daily at a fast pace.

People often get confused between these two terms and use them interchangeably but Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are quite different from each other. Artificial Intelligence is the stimulation of human being’s intelligence which is implemented or programmed in a computer system, machine or device that makes it work and act like humans. On the other hand, Machine Learning is the application of AI that makes a machine to learn from its experience automatically without being programmed.

Here are some of the key differences between AI and ML

Artificial Intelligence   Machine Learning  
AI is a broader concept or a program which is the ability of a machine to perform tasks com-monly related to intelligent living beings ML is a subset of Artificial intelligence which is the algorithms of a machine to perform better by accessing the data and learning themselves automatically.
Artificial Intelligence is about decision making.     Machine Learning is about learning from the data.  
It works as a well-defined program which has been already set and does smart work accordingly as programmed. It works by taking the data, analyze it and learn new things from that data.  
Its objective is to solve the complex problems by stimulating
natural intelligence.  
Its objective is to maximize the performance of a machine by learning from the task or data.    
Its goal is to achieve success in the task.   Its goal is to achieve accuracy in the task.  
AI is about getting the optimal solution to a problem.   ML is concerned about the solution and not the optimality.  
It leads to developing a system to mimic human to respond behave in circumstances.   ML involves in self-learning
algorithm, it learns with the help of
AI leads to intelligence or wisdom. ML leads to knowledge.