Electrolube unveils Alternative To Dow Corning’s CN-8760 for Indian Market

The innovative encapsulation resin is a thixotropic, versatile two-part silicone resin designed for protection of electroninc devices.

Electrolube has developed  and launched a brand new silicone resin specifically for the Indian market.  Formulated at the company’s manufacturing facility in Bangalore, the new resin has been produced using locally sourced materials to ensure highly competitive pricing and short lead times.  Utilising group technical support and key local knowledge, Electrolube’s Indian team identified local customer requirements in terms of budgetary restraints and production methodologies, and created a brand new alternative Dow Corning’s CN-8760. Electrolube’s SC4003FD offers higher specifications than existing products on the market and also carries the full seal of approval from the UK parent company for quality and innovation compliant with internationally recognised standards.

The new SC4003FD resin not only delivers on affordability and lead time, but also offer customers excellent, high performance alternatives to existing brands. The innovative encapsulation resin from Electrolube is a thixotropic, and versatile two part silicone resin designed for the protection of electroninc devices such as LED lighting drivers, electrical control units, sensors, inverters, transformers and power modules. SC4003FD has excellent high temperature properties, ideal for applications requiring high temperature resistance. Indeed, the resin features a wide temperature range of  -60 to +2000C, (up to +2200C for short excursions of up to 30 minutes) and meets UL94 V-0. This brand new alternative to Dow Corning’s CN-8760 has a high level of thermal conductivity (0.9 W/m.K) enabling efficient heat dissipation. This specific thermal conductivity is market leading and currently unmatched within the Indian market of LED solutions. SC4003FD features a simple 1:1 mix ratio facilitating ease of processing and the room temperature cure allows significant energy savings and shorter cycle times. Local raw material sourcing enables competitive pricing at a time when the market is facing increasing silicone prices. 

Electrolube India’s General Manager, Padmanabha Shaktivelu, comments: “This innovative new resin solution is a prime example of Electrolube’s dedicated approach to solving problems. As a company we employ a strong ethos of both research and collaboration; we are continually developing new products, not only to ensure that the product is cost-effective and right for the job, but also to advise and help our customers choose the safest, most appropriate and economical method of application.”

Electrolube India is currently one of the group’s fastest growing subsidiaries and operates as an independent local enterprise with sales, manufacturing and technical support.  For further information about Electrolube’s newest resin solutions, please visit www.electrolube.in.

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