What is True Wireless Technology in Earphones and why do we need it?

Wireless Technology is a serious evolution and a much-needed escape from the cables and wires. From the discovery of Radio Waves in 1880 to the 5G network initiation in 2018 to True wireless in 2019, we have progressed rapidly.

So, what is True wireless technology and why is this technology in the limelight especially for earphones in 2019 and beyond?

Well, before we dive deep into True Wireless Technology, let’s understand the various types of wireless Technologies available in the market already.

Infrared, Radio Frequency and Bluetooth Wireless are the three primary types of Wireless Technology. Take a look at the below chart for an in-depth explanation of the technologies: –

Wireless Technology Range Frequency Usage/Compatibility Edge Demerit
Infrared Wireless 33ft   Multiple usages that allow connectivity with the flip-down monitor, TVs, car headrest DVD player, and other items with infrared function.   Not affected by other audio transmissions   The range is limited, and it needs a direct line of sight for connection to be established  
Radio frequency (RF)   About 300 ft.   Between 900MHz to 3.2GHz   Connects with any smart device with an RCA output.   They provide good connections through wall and ceilings. Also, you can connect about 100 headphones to an RF transmitter   They are not immune to interference, and they also have limited design choices  
Bluetooth wireless   Between 33 ft. And 100 ft.   2.4GHz   They are compatible with any Bluetooth- enabled device.   Low power consumption, low interference, and completely portable   The compatibility is limited to Bluetooth devices  

Out of all the Wireless Technologies mentioned above, Bluetooth is the most preferred and used channel for Wireless Networking across the globe at close proximity.

Let’s dig deeper into Bluetooth.

The Bluetooth is a standardized protocol that works over a radio frequency and operates at 2.4GHz, so it doesn’t interfere with another radio frequency. The communication between two individual Bluetooth enabled devices occurs via a unique address mapping specific to their own device address. There are three stages involved in the connection process –

Inquiry, Paging (Connecting) and Connection which eventually establishes a successful pairing and connection between 2 or more Bluetooth enabled devices.

But this is where evolution takes a larger bite at the technology, the True Wireless. Bluetooth being a ground-breaking technology in Wireless Connectivity is further decorated with the True Wireless being a better convenience over modern gadgets.

Speaking of the iterations taking place in Bluetooth Technology, there are three factors that help us understand this technology in depth, the Range, Data Speed, and Power Consumption. Flagged off at 1Mbps speed at just 10 meters range the Bluetooth 1.0 wasn’t a great medium to transfer data of any large size. The Bluetooth 1.0 used a modulation scheme called the Gaussian Frequency Shift Keying (GFSK), with this, the modulated carrier shifts were closely between two frequencies representing 1s and 0s. Then came the streak of evolution where the Bluetooth 3.0 clocked a speed of 802.11 for up to 24 Mbps of data transfer which was considerably good. Then came the Bluetooth 5.0, faster, reliable and much practical to aid the requirements of all the application and devices. Bluetooth 5.0 offers four different data rates with transmission ranges: 2Mbps, 1Mbps, 500kbps, 125kbps.

Bluetooth further gained popularity when big phone brands have abandoned the headphone jack and are embracing the latest Bluetooth technology. Consumers now have the option of breaking free from all cords and cables. They are now embracing what we call the TWS technology. In this there are no wires connecting the earbuds. With Bluetooth 5.0 technology, there is a stronger connection allowing the earbuds to process audio signals to each other and hereby creating a hassle-free audio output that is more reliable and freer from wires

True Wireless Technology in earphones are the talk of the town in 2019, millennials and individuals who are constantly on the go or people living life off the edge need something to keep them going through the routine. Gone are the frustrating days untangling wired earphones…music for the generation is now on True Wireless Technology with an elevated experience powered by Uninterrupted Bluetooth connectivity on version 5.0.

True Wireless Earphones gives you all the freedom you need for training, workouts, outdoor adventures, and your daily commutes. With various patented technologies embedded in these True Wireless earbuds like SoundPass mode, IP67, APTX, Voice Commands and Dual Drivers…these TWS earphones are a NEED for the generation.

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