Mobile V2X Sniffer for Drive Test for c-V2X, DSRC & Dualmode Operation

Last Week the German V2X specialist S.E.A. Datentechnik has introduced its prototype of a V2X mobile data sniffer on the 1st European Omniair plugfest in Malaga.

The S.E.A. V2X Sniffer complements the S.E.A. V2X tool chain of V2X measurement and test tools. The mobile, battery powered system is based on software defined radio technology and supports capturing of information based on c-V2X (3GPP mode 4, rel. 14), 802.11p/DSRC, and hybrid operation of both standards at the same time. Information can be monitored and stored on RF-signal level as IQ-data as well as on message base level for the three major regional protocol standards (ETSI (EU), SAE (US) and CSAE (China). Beside monitoring the system provides the ability to simulate traffic scenarios by replay of pre-defined V2X message streams including infrastructure elements.
The release of the sniffer product is planned for the Q1/2020.

S.E.A. is a system integration company for customized test and measurement systems for all industrial areas. Since more than 25 years S.E.A. has specialized in the application of FPGA and Software Defined Radio technology. A major focus is the implementation of test systems covering all applications of the upcoming V2X technology from the RF-compliance to HIL-functional test for development, validation & verification, and production test. Based on the modular National Instruments platform S.E.A. has implemented the 802.11p and LTE-V communication in the SDR providing unique features for test applications. The evolution to 5G based V2X protocols using the SDR is on the roadmap of S.E.A.

The modular V2X test systems can be extended to the specific needs of the customers from automated high-quality RF-measurements to complex HIL-test systems integrating target simulations for other signals like GNSS, radar, lidar, camera. These test systems are provided by S.E.A. together with its partners of the ADAS iiT group.

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