Electrolube’s New Website Highlights Market-Leading Position

The specialist electro-chemicals manufacturer, Electrolube, has today announced the launch of its brand new website at the URL www.electrolube.com. Months of work have been dedicated to researching how and why people visit the website and the content has been restructured to assist visitors with  application-based searches. As reliability and performance are key factors for manufacturers looking to transform their end-products, Electrolube has focused on the numerous and varied application requirements of different industries to improve search results for customers.

The content is now highly focused on sourcing an appropriate solution for customer applications. A new product selection tool has also been developed to make narrowing down products even easier and a wider range of samples are now available for encapsulation resins, thermal management products and conformal coating solutions.

Electrolube will also highlight their tremendous rise in global growth by appearing in an entirely new way at this year’s Productronica in hall A4 stand 466, where they will occupy their biggest stand space ever at 114 square metres.

The company has completely transformed their exhibition stand to reflect their stance as a complete solutions provider of electro-chemicals worldwide. The design features a large LED wall and lots of open space for engaging with visitors of all nationalities, whom will be greeted by Electrolube’s international team.  The stand is now entirely paper-less and all information will be presented using touch-screen technology, which is linked back to the new website.

Ron Jakeman, Electrolube’s Managing Director, comments, “Since the company’s global rebrand 6 years ago, Electrolube has gone from strength to strength.  Due to the extensive number and variety of issues that we are presented to solve,  the new website and exhibition stand now reflect our strong global capability as a complete solutions provider of electro-chemicals. We have made significant investments in leadership talent, centres of R&D excellence, cutting edge laboratories, expanding our manufacturing facilities,  extending our geographical footprint and developing new product innovations that really meet the demands of our customers. Our investments, expansion and international collaboration with leading OEMs have enabled us to firmly position ourselves in the market as a reliable and trusted solutions provider at every stage of design and production. Now in its 78th year, Electrolube has always had a clear vision of the future and has consistently adapted its strengths to stay relevant and ahead of the curve, even with the rapid rate of technological change. The new application-based website and vast, newly designed stand at Productronica signal a new era for Electrolube and with the consistent development of innovative specialist chemical solutions, we are set to broaden our customer base even further and successfully increase the reliability and performance of our customers products globally. ”

For further information, please visit www.electrolube.com.