SiTime Accelerates Customers’ Designs with 48-Hour Worldwide Availability of MEMS Oscillators

SiTime Corporation a market leader in MEMS timing, today announced 48-hour availability of its MEMS oscillators, enabling customers to accelerate their design time, reduce development efforts, and speed time to revenue.

Previously, customers had to wait up to 20 weeks and sometimes pay non-recurring engineering (NRE) fees to get oscillators that were configured to their exact requirements. SiTime’s programmable MEMS oscillator architecture, and a global support network of distributors and channel partners, are transforming the availability and breadth of options in the oscillator market. With 48-hour availability for samples and low-volume production quantities, industrial and IoT customers can dramatically accelerate their time to revenue.

“We are excited about our new value-add partnership with SiTime Corporation and the ability to offer custom programmed MEMS timing solutions to our customers worldwide.” said David Stein, vice president of global supplier management at Digi-Key Electronics. “SiTime’s customizable, highly-integrated MEMS technology, combined with Digi-Key’s ability to process an order within 48 hours and seamlessly ship globally, will enable faster time-to-market.”

SiTime’s popular low-power oscillators: SiT8008/9, SiT8208/9, SiT2001/2; high-temp and automotive oscillators: SiT8918/9, ST8920/1, SiT8924/5, SiT2018/9, SiT2020/1, SiT2024/5; differential oscillators: SiT9121/2; VCXOs: SiT3808/9; µPower oscillators and TCXOs: SiT1569, SiT1576/9, and spread spectrum oscillators SiT9002/3/5, SiT9025 can be customized and shipped in 48 hours from Digi-Key, SE-Spezial in Europe, Jointech in China, Seungjun in South Korea, and from SiTime. The Elite Platform™ of differential oscillators and precision TCXOs will be available for 48-hour shipment starting in early Q2 2020. SiTime’s Endura™ series of high reliability, ruggedized oscillators will be available for 48-hour shipment in late 2020.

“With the introduction of programming services for SiTime’s MEMS timing solutions in the EMEA market, SiTime’s solutions have become an even more obvious choice for customers,” said Christopher Wuttke, chief executive officer of SE-Spezial. “We are able to offer the desired frequency, accuracy and temperature range with prompt lead times of just 48 hours, a flexibility benefit that is just not available from traditional quartz suppliers.”

SiTime’s rapid programming service accelerates the phases of typical product development to help technology innovators take an industrial and IoT product idea to design and production quickly and easily. SiTime datasheets, as well as the Part Number Generator on the SiTime website, list all the programmable configurations available for these MEMS oscillators. Among the most popular programmable options are frequency (with up to six decimal places of accuracy), supply voltage, output drive type and drive strength, operating temperature range, and frequency stability.

“Fast, efficient delivery of oscillators has been the Achilles heel of the quartz industry for decades,” said Piyush Sevalia, executive vice president of marketing at SiTime. “With 48-hour lead time for our MEMS timing solutions, SiTime is once again transforming the timing market and leading the industry in availability.”

Compared to legacy timing solutions, SiTime’s MEMS timing solutions offer programmability along with high performance, reliability, small size, low power consumption, frequency stability over temperature, and resilience to mechanical shock and vibration. Customers are using these benefits to solve unique and stringent timing problems.