It’s Reigning 5G and What Do We Actually Know about It?

Instead of keeping up with the Kardashians, it’s about time you finally keep up with what’s happening in the world of tech. Trust me, it’s not as boring as you perceive it. In the limelight of the “now”, 5G seems to be hitting the trending ranks sky-high!

So, for your knowledge and mine, let’s get a little acquainted with what’s up and coming in the world of 5G. Firstly, let’s begin with:

What is 5G?

If you’ve heard of wireless technology, then 5G is supposed to be a next-generation, in fact, the 5th generation of cellular network; labeled as the newer and faster version of its kind. Having finally brought out its virtual realm into the real world since 2019, all everyone seems to wonder is whether or rather when it would shed light within their countries.

What we’re promised in the future of 5G, is the connection of all our devices, the services we carry out and much more, to be linked to one and other, through 5G connections. We’re promised a future that’s fast, heightened, innovative, and futuristic. A future where we humans wouldn’t be regarded to lift a single finger. Everything you see around you will be operated through a wireless 5G network.

But, is that beneficial to us? Is 5G safe? What do we actually know about it? Of course, 5G isn’t the endgame of all our technological endeavors, but it is a start. From living in a world of AI, AR, VR, and driverless vehicles, 5G is only a fragment of what’s next to come. But, for now, let’s just try to take in what’s in store for us at present.

The bright side to 5G

It beats my understanding of why 5G is considered to be of such dire importance. To know the whole story, you have to be able to understand parts of the entire whole. Like, why is 5G important, how does it work, what’s its impact on society, what it is going to be like in the future, and more importantly whether it will affect us negatively.

What the world seems to focus on, when taking a look at 5G, is “What can we do with it?” So, to answer your questions, here’s what you can or will be able to do with 5G at present and in the future:

  • Firstly, wireless internet connections. The era of 5G will ultimately bring you the speediest and top of the line wireless internet connections. With it, you’ll probably be able to download an entire season of “The Game of Thrones” within minutes. But of course, you’ll have to be equipped with devices that support it.
  • My personal favorite, smarter machine control. This is great since it would probably make work or industrial environments a lot safer for many workers. Now, all machines, robots, drones, etc., will be controlled through 5G connections. Yes, they probably already are ion active control by other means, but not all have proven to be fruitful. With the 5G’s low latency and capacity for high-accuracy, we’d achieve more control over machinery from far spaces.
  • It’s difficult to get an entire footage through active drones, in which signals rarely reach across far-stretched locations. With 5G, the surveillance that we can achieve through cameras on drones will be faster, smarter, and more accurate.
  • Fresh gaming experiences! This is for all the gamers out there who’re so deep into the VR world. With a 5G connection, you can now game with almost anyone in the world. Say goodbye to lagging and welcome high-speeds and smooth connections for gaming experiences.
  • Health assistance. Firstly, with 5G, this will allow medics to transfer all the patients’ details regarding their condition or critical states before reaching hospitals. This saves a lot of time and hopefully lives. Secondly, if ever the patient isn’t at a doctor’s disposal, physically, 5G networks will now speed up the process of allowing actually time conferencing. This makes room for doctors to virtually operate on their patients through 5G operated robots.
  • 5G Automated vehicles. Now, I don’t completely agree with this and though it may be a huge help, it could also be a threat. Yes, could assist drivers with letting them know about oncoming traffic jams and whether or not a vehicle is approaching with major speeds in your lane, but what if a slight malfunction occurs? Is it still safe?

There’s a lot more that the 5G reign will be used for, but for now, this is the most featured and recent advancements. Other than this, there are a lot of views about 5G doing more harm than good. Let’s take a look at that.

5G – Stay susceptible to future threats

The dawn of better and speedier means of wireless 5G network connections may be all rosy at first glance. But, to the get whole picture, as I mentioned above, you have to be susceptible to the fact that everything new and everything old in the tech world, always comes with faults.

There are many claims where 5G may cause future threats to cybersecurity. One of the blogs that caught my attention, were by The Brookings Institution, where they stated 5 reasons for 5G being a possible threat:

  • Before, all networks were traded along the lines of hardware-based switching. Now, with 5G on the loop, all networks are passed through a “web of digital routers”.  This could spiral out of control.
  • The need for “physical appliances” for higher modes of network functionality is now routed through virtualized through software.
  • This will automatically trigger out potential cyber-attackers from gaining control of the software.
  • Since 5G also comes with an increase in bandwidth, hackers wait for unlimited opportunities to strike all the stretched out avenues operated by many internet users.
  • Knowing that since a wide list of electronic devices and services are all linked to the IoT, this opens room for hackers to infiltrate extremely vulnerable devices.

To conclude

We need to understand, that with every advance in the tech world, always come pouring in with an equal amount of collision. This wasn’t a negative approach towards the 5G revolution, but just a wake-up call that we as active sponges of “newer but technical innovations” have to stay clear of being side-tracked with the positives and equally welcome all the negatives.

This is the only way to understand how important and how dangerous newer inventions are, and how to use them securely. Cybersecurity measures are important in our daily lives, and with the 5G approach on hand, I urge you to use it wisely.

Author Bio –

Jade Nazareth, is a writer and has an avid interest in promoting blogs about cybersecurity, modern technology and SEO related innovations. She believes that everyone has the right to internet freedom and therefore updates her readers on how to maintain their online privacy.