Automation Technology develops measure for corona prevention

  • Reliable test system for the detection of possible infected people
  • Quick fever measurement by “FebriScan” with high precision
  • FeverScreening App determines information about health status within milliseconds
  • Uncomplicated tool for use in any company and in public places

The concern about getting infected with Corona is currently present worldwide – not only in private life, but also in professional life and in public spaces. The virus has become a major challenge for numerous German companies and public authorities. Every employer wants to protect his employees as best as possible and therefore take effective preventive measures in this context. The North German company Automation Technology, AT for short, has recently developed an innovative solution for the prevention of possible corona infected people – the so-called “FebriScan”.

This is an access control system specially programmed by AT that is based on the interaction of an intelligent infrared camera from the IRSX-I series, a high-precision temperature reference body (blackbody) and a specially developed app for measuring body temperature. The special features of this tool: the fast measuring process, the high accuracy of the measurement as well as the uncomplicated setup. The installation of the three elements is very flexible and can be adapted and configured for different access areas. The FebriScan can be used either stationary in the entrance area of every company or mobile in public places such as railway stations, airports or public authorities.

If the access control is ready for use, the camera together with the blackbody measures within milliseconds whether the person has fever or whether this symptom typical for corona can be excluded. The temperature image is evaluated using the FeverScreening App developed by AT and the result is displayed on the screen as a numerical value and in the form of a red-green display. In this case, red stands for increased temperature or fever, while green indicates a harmless state of health. 

“It was important for us to offer a tool that not only works quickly but also reliably and can be used in a flexible manner. The Blackbody is immensely important for access control, as its reference value ensures that a highly accurate result is always obtained under all conditions. Therefore our FebriScan can be used everywhere and is also manageable in terms of costs”, says AT CEO Michael Wandelt. 

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