RECOM appointed Martin Rausch as Chief Technology Officer

RECOM Power is pleased to announce that Martin Rausch has been appointed to the newly created position of Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Rausch joins RECOM after six years serving as a Managing Director at TGW Mechanics where he managed the development and supply chain locations in Austria, China and the US.

Within his professional career, Rausch has completed an MBA, a PhD in electrical engineering, and has held managerial positions at both Siemens and General Electric making him expertly qualified to manage the global development of RECOM’s manufacturing sites in Austria, Italy, China Mainland and Taiwan area. As CTO, he will be responsible for overseeing every aspect of product development including research and development, production, quality management, certification, and purchasing, as well as customer support and satisfaction.

Karsten Bier (Owner)“Our vision at RECOM is to provide our customers across the world with ideal power solutions and best-in-class support in our role as a service provider for bespoke and off-the-shelf products as well as innovative platform architectures. We follow one clear objective – to continue growing. The new CTO’s mission is to lead us into the next level of development while tapping into the wide variety of world-class resources in the RECOM group and using them across the globe.”

Martin Rausch (CTO)“We need two things to achieve this goal and go full force with the energy we have at our disposal throughout the RECOM group: Professional organization with people that can take personal responsibility and think in a team, and efficient global processes serving our independent units. This will involve striking a balance between utilizing existing resources to the full and exploring and developing new markets.”

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