Silicon Labs Joins Wi-SUN Alliance

Silicon Labs is deepening its commitment to Wi-SUN, an increasingly popular and widely deployed industrial mesh networking standard ideal for smart utility, smart city and Industrial IoT applications. Wi-SUN offers significant advantages versus other LPWAN standards due to its scalability and multi-vendor interoperability. Wi-SUN enables developers to extend wireless networks used by utility, smart city infrastructure and industrial IoT applications to cover deployments spanning miles and kilometers of distance.

The company announced it has also joined the Wi-SUN Alliance’s board of directors to accelerate the global adoption of Wi-SUN. The Wi-Sun alliance aims to advance seamless, ubiquitous LPWAN connectivity via a standards-based, interoperable solution for global markets.

“Wi-SUN is an ideal solution for smart metering, advanced metering infrastructure, power generation and distribution, as well as street lighting, large scale smart city infrastructure, and other industrial IoT applications,” said Ross Sabolcik, vice president of commercial and industrial IoT products at Silicon Labs. “As an open specification, Wi-SUN provides one of the world’s best mesh networking solutions for smart, connected IoT applications that require low-power, long range wireless connectivity over IPv6. We are delighted to join Wi-SUN’s board of directors to help drive advancement of the IEEE 802.15.4(g) standard.”

Silicon Labs boasts more than 15 years of experience delivering mesh networking solutions, with more than 250 million mesh nodes deployed. The company’s Wireless Gecko platform supports a wide range of mesh options including Wi-SUN, Zigbee, OpenThread, Z-Wave, and BLE Mesh giving developers the flexibility to choose the mesh protocol that best suits their application requirements.