Where to buy Electronic Components Online in India

The persisting Covid-19 situation and lockdown has changed the market dynamics a lot. Work from home has become a key to operate in the business world. Everybody is appearing online and these platforms have become a necessary support system to be in work. The online user-interface has emerged out to be a tremendous growth in the recent months. The online shopping or buying and selling of products have increased a lot which has boosted the E-Commerce everywhere bringing the product right at your doorstep.

If you want to design projects in electronics or need to purchase necessary electronic components online. And looking for electronic component kit to assemble and make your own craft or drone and experiment in any other projects then, here is a detail of top distributor of such components in India from where you not only buy the product but can also enjoy the solution provided by the technical support team to make your dream come true. 

Mouser Electronics (Mansfield, Texas USA) is a leading worldwide authorised distributor of electronic components and semiconductors for Design Engineers. Mouser Electronics www.mouser.in  is the right place and a complete Online store for all the electronic components providing quality service to their customers for many years.

Its wide range of products includes semiconductors, passive electronics and opto-electronic components, connectors, embedded solutions, integrated circuits(IC) and memory IC etc.

Why to buy from Mouser Electronics India:

  • Authorised distributor of electronic components.
  • Specialised in rapid innovative products and advanced latest technologies.
  • Aerospace registration having registered to AS9100D/ISO9001:2015 therefore providing genuine products and strong counterfeit measures for authenticity.
  • A continuous updated website with latest information and provide advance search tools and methods to help their customers.
  • Immediate shipping on the same day hence speedy shipment of your purchased products.
  • Live chat and customer service support anywhere anytime.
  • Worldwide customer service and answerable in 17 different languages to solve customer queries.
  • Provide traceability on sold commercial components which enable to trace or view your product in any stage of the supply chain.
  • Oder accuracy and on-time delivery of product at your door.
  • Accepting orders seven days a week through email and 24 hours a day.
  • Technical support from engineers to help you out providing solutions to your problems.
  • “MY MOUSER” Account, create your account and update and store all information for easy reorder every time you purchase and complete details of everything you need for your product.
  • Mouser’s online Conversion Calculator from its Technical Resource Centre for solving electronic calculations online easily.
  • Best customer experience by providing a feedback form to solve issues and have suggestions form customers.
  • Online Quote Request application for better communication with the client.
  • Price and Availability Assistant to check the price, stock availability and purchase products.
  • Online Catalogue a digital version with different available formats to check the price information and availability of current product.
  • Product Comparison Tool to compare the specifications and information of products one at a time to check the difference and similarity between products, thus helping in selecting a desired product easily.
  • Customer-centric distributor focusing on the needs of their customers and strong commitment to their customer service.