Is NYAA Torrents Site Safe To Use?

Anime lovers from the West know the struggle of finding ways to stream their favorite shows from the East. There are limited platforms, and these often entail expensive subscriptions.

Fortunately, you can find online communities where users share their copies of your favorite anime series. You can stumble upon like-minded people on torrent sites, like NYAA (spelled as such for the sound association of a cat’s meow in Japanese). It’s one of the largest torrent indexes that are dedicated to anime.

Learn how to access NYAA torrents through a VPN service or mirroring at

The Lowdown

Torrent sites have garnered notoriety for enticing unsuspecting web users to download malware and other apps that can harm their computers. However, NYAA stands out from the pack by maintaining its reputation of being a reputable torrent index. This isn’t an easy feat considering the fact that users are the ones who upload the files.

A lot of people prefer to download from the platform. More than having zero malware in the downloadable content, some users also claim that NYAA doesn’t have any harmful or shady scripts that run in the background.

How To Torrent Safely

While NYAA might have proven itself to be a safe and reliable torrent site, you should still exercise prudence and discernment when downloading anything from the World Wide Web. Here are some tips on how you can torrent safely:

1. Always Read User Comments

As mentioned above, platforms like NYAA and other related websites are communities where people of similar interests share their files to their online friends. Even if the site monitors the files being uploaded and bans those that don’t pass their guidelines, there’s still a chance that a few spam documents can leak through.

It’s one of the roles of the members to flag these suspicious files. To notify the administrator, they can report it by sending feedback to the platform. Moreover, they also inform their fellow users through the comments section.

That’s why it’s crucial for you to read through the comments to know other people’s experiences with the file. It’s better to spend time going through users’ reactions rather than ending up with malware on your computer.

2. Invest In Reliable Antivirus Software

Next, you should invest in reliable antivirus software that actively guards your device against malware and other harmful programs. You have lots of options to choose from nowadays. With just a minimal subscription fee, which is usually paid each month or year, you can enjoy advanced antivirus features.

Find a software program that can go through each file in the folder of the downloadable content. Make sure that it can flag suspicious .EXE files that appear to have no business being included in the pack.

3. Consider Using VPN

Geo-blocked content is one of the greatest frustrations for people who just want to be able to watch their favorite foreign shows. Fortunately, you can use a virtual private network (VPN) to go around this issue. Moreover, a VPN is also valuable when accessing torrent sites and downloading files.

It works by routing your computer’s connection through the VPN’s private server instead of through your Internet service provider (ISP). Downloading files entails sending and receiving data. With a VPN, you mask your personal details, such as your IP address, so that you won’t get in trouble with the law, especially if your government placed restrictions on downloadable content.

Plus, using a VPN has the added benefit of avoiding network throttling. This practice is done by some ISPs to slow the speed of their services intentionally. It’s typically done by companies to save money on the data usage on their entire network.

4. Turn On IP Binding

IP binding is useful for those times when you forget to turn on your VPN, and you’ve unwittingly accessed torrent sites, thus, having your real IP address and other details shared online. Most torrent clients have this feature, so you just have to enable it on the settings.

First, you have to connect to your VPN server and determine its IP address. Then, head onto the settings of your torrent client—it’s usually in the advanced menu. You just have to look for the option to bind your IP. It should provide a place for you to type or paste the IP address of your VPN.


The torrent site NYAA has established itself as a reliable torrent index that’s dedicated to anime. Its community is composed of thousands of users that share files with each other. When downloading any type of content online, you should be prudent and practice safety precautions to ensure that you don’t end up with malware on your computer.

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