Trickle Impregnation of Electric Motors

Automated stator impregnation solutions for absolutely constant material flow without pulsation

The quality of the insulation in electric drives determines, among other things, the durability and efficiency of the motor. Low-viscosity materials are used as an impregnation material so that they can be filled into any cavity, even into narrow areas of the windings. Most resins are thermally curing. Typical properties of impregnating resins are good electro-insulating properties and a high crawl capacity. For perfect processing, dispensing technology is required that can both: Process the low-viscosity materials reliably and dispense them completely bubble-free. ViscoTec dispensers absolutely meet these requirements.

Advantages of ViscoTec dispensing technology in impregnation applications

When impregnating electric motors by trickling, the progressive cavity technology, on which ViscoTec dispensing systems are based, ensures the best results. The operating principle is based on the endless piston principle. A stainless-steel rotor performs an eccentric rotational movement in the elastomer stator. The resulting feed cavities, within the progressive cavity pump, form a defined volume: An exact quantity is dispensed per revolution. Due to the proportionality between drive speed and discharge quantity, the dispensing volume, as well as the dispensing speed, can be easily regulated. Should the process parameters alter due to a change of component or material, both the dispensing volume and the dispensing speed can be easily and quickly adjusted via the ViscoTec control system.

The trickling of two components requires precise adjustment and calibration of both dispensers and the correct selection of static mixer. ViscoTec’s 2-component dispensing systems are modular in design and can be combined in different sizes to achieve even extreme mixing ratios. Both components are completely separated until they enter the static mixer. This prevents curing within the dispensing equipment.

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