Electromagnetic Interface (EMI) Shielding Market is set to touch new heights

  • Electromagnetic interface (EMI) shielding is an enclosure or coating to reduce the electromagnetic field by blocking the field with conductive material or magnetic material.
  • This EMI shielding can reduce electromagnetic fields, electrostatic fields and the coupling of radio waves. In addition, the amount of electromagnetic interfaces reduction depends upon the material thickness and the size of the shielded volume among others.
  • Rise in demand for EMI shielding materials in consumer electronics, telecommunication and automotive industries is expected to fuel the global EMI shielding market during the forecast period

Key Drivers of Global EMI Shielding Market

  • Use of EMI shielding in the electronics industry has opened new avenues for growth for the market vendors. Shielded cables have gained immense popularity in the domain of electronic manufacturing. This factor, coupled with the relevance of controlling electrical signals in several devices, has created new opportunities for growth and advancement.
  • Shielding of electromagnetic and electrostatic field is an indispensable feat across the electronics industry. The revenue index of the global EMI shielding market is set to improve in the years to come by.
  • NATO provides discrete specification with regard to shielding of keyboards and computers. These specifications are meant to prevent capturing of passive emissions from keyboards that could in turn result in password leaks.
  • Specialised keyboards, majorly used across high-end, industries use EMI shielding to ensure increased security. Therefore, the need for physical and cyber security has also generated fresh revenues within the global EMI shielding market.
  • Protection of medical equipment is also achieved with the help of EMI shielding of devices. This factor, in conjunction with the need for protecting against interfering signals such as ESMR, AM, TV, and PCS, has driven market demand.

Consumer Electronics Leading Application Segment Because of Rising Sales of Smart Electronics

  • EMI shielding finds application in various sectors such as healthcare, information technology, telecommunication, aerospace and defense, automotive, consumer electronics, and others. At present, the consumer electronics segment accounts for a leading share in the market because of the growing sales of different sophisticated smart electronics such as mobile phones and tablets, GPS tracker, portable communication devices, etc.
  • Other key end use segments are the automotive, aerospace, defense, and healthcare. In the automotive segment, for example, EMI shielding is used in power seats, power windows, automatic sliding doors, remote starters, and keyless ignitions. With the explosive growth in the automotive sector worldwide, the global EMI shielding market too will likely receive a fillip.
  • With the growing technological advancement, the use of EMI shielding in different aerospace and defense is also growing rapidly. It serves to bring down the electromagnetic interference during operation time, increase the efficiency of operations, and provide enhanced safety to the end user. This in turn is anticipated to increase the uptake of this technology and create a better opportunity for various EMI shielding technology providers in the coming years.

High Cost Associated with Manufacturing Process to Hamper Global EMI Shielding Market

  • High price of EMI shielding process equipment along with requirement of huge initial investment for establishment of manufacturing unit is one of the most important restraining factors that is likely to inhibit the growth of the EMI shielding market during the forecast period from 2019 to 2027.
  • In addition, EMI shields are used in applications such as defense and aerospace, medical equipment and telecommunication related products which require high level of precision and accuracy.
  • As components used in these applications tend to emit radiations at a high frequency, the EMI shields used need to be of high quality. The manufacturing process implemented to assure high quality of products is also very expensive.
  • These factors in turn is predicted to limit the growth of EMI shielding industries during the forecast period, thereby expected to affect the market in the coming years.

Key Highlights of Global EMI Shielding Market

  • Transparency Market Research (TMR) predicts that the EMI shielding market would grow at a CAGR of 7.2% over the period between 2019 and 2027. The total value of the EMI shielding market would touch US$11.4 bn by 2027, rising up from a value of US$6.3 bn in 2018.
  • Research related to radio frequencies and electromagnetic radiation has gathered momentum in recent times. Besides, the wide-scale applications of RF shielding have also garnered the attention of scientists and developers. Therefore, the total demand within the global EMI shielding market is set to touch new heights in the years to follow.
  • Researchers emphasize on the need to prevent coupling of radio waves, electrostatic fields, and electromagnetic fields. Therefore, EMI shielding has gained tremendous relevance across multiple industries. It is, therefore, safe to prognosticate that the global EMI shielding market would become a haven of lucrative opportunities in the years to follow.

Asia Pacific Dominates Global EMI Shielding Market

  • The growth in telecommunications in the EMI shielding market is followed by growth in the defense sector. Defense sector deploys a wide range of applications like Satellites which require a high-use of EMI shielding materials. Moreover, due to growing instability in certain parts of the world, the EMI shielding market is expected to see a rise in the use of satellites among others.
  • Large manufacturing of electronics in Asia Pacific is expected to drive growth for the market. Countries like Vietnam, Singapore, China, Thailand, and Malaysia are witnessing a robust growth, thanks to electronics manufacturing. Furthermore, these products are exported to other countries, bringing in lucrative revenues. Hence, the growth in manufacturing and revenues is likely to result in EMI shielding market in the near future.

Competitive Strategies Adopted by Major Players in the Global EMI Shielding Market

  • Business expansion is considered to be an important strategy adopted by various leading players in the global EMI shielding market in order to capture the untapped sectors, expand their business, and retain their leading position.
  • On April 17, 2018, HEICO Corporation announced that its Dukane Seacom Inc. (Dukane Seacom) subsidiary acquired 100% of the business and assets of the Emergency Locator Transmitter Beacon product line of Instrumar Limited (ELT Product Line or ELT) in an all cash transaction. The ELT Product Line, has a significant installed base of large commercial transport aircraft, and designs and manufactures emergency locator transmitter beacons for commercial aviation and defense markets.
  • On March 6, 2018, RTP Company announced its expansion into the market in Poland with the opening of a new manufacturing plant in Wroclaw, Poland. New manufacturing location are projected to support the regional demand and provide consistent supply of products to customers operating in Europe. The plant is projected to open in the summer of 2018, and would employ around 25 people who would provide additional support to the company’s customer base in Europe.

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