element14 celebrates the manufacture of 5 million BBC micro:bit devices

Celebrating the manufacture of 5 million micro:bit as Micro:bit Educational Foundation announce new board

element14 is celebrating the manufacture of 5 million BBC micro:bit devices since its launch in 2016. The micro:bit has been adopted by multiple educational organisations around the world to support Science, Technology, Education and Mathematics (STEM) learning programmes, helping the Foundation reach an estimated 25 million children in more than 60 countries who have learnt digital creativity and computing skills.

The Micro:bit Educational Foundation, announces a new micro:bit offering greater memory capacity, a faster processor and, for the first time, “out of the box” sound and touch functionality. More information is available from micro:bit.org. The new micro:bit will be available soon to order from element14.

element14 has worked with multiple educational organisations and governments to support strategic rollouts of STEM learning solutions into the classroom, and stocks a broad range of education devices that can be supplied in class, school and multiple-school quantities. element14 can also offer support with provision and bundling of equipment for bespoke large-scale programmes similar to the Super:bit programme in Norway.

Lee Turner, Global Head of Semiconductors and SBC at Farnell and element14 said: “element14 is proud to be the Micro:bit Educational Foundation’s exclusive manufacturer and we are delighted to join our partners in celebrating the manufacture of 5 million micro:bit and their announcement of an updated micro:bit today.”

element14 also provides a range of resources to assist educators and parents supporting children with STEM.  The element14 Community’s STEM Academy provides a wealth of content and support for those looking to get started with the micro:bit. This dedicated online hub is designed for people who want to explore learning concepts and classroom-based design projects within the electronics and digital space. The element14 community’s The Learning Circuit series features a number of instructional videos which take viewers through different ways to learn and explore with micro:bit. These short videos teach users how to apply micro:bit to their designs and offer instruction and advice on bringing projects to life.  The Micro:bit Educational Foundation also offer a range of resources on micro:bit.org.