Ranatec’s 10 Gbps shielded ethernet feedthru filter

 Ranatec, a part of Qamcom Group has added a new panel mountable, high speed feedthru filter to its product portfolio. A specialist within test, measure, filter or block signals, Ranatec’s RI 4194 LAN 10 Gbps (gigabit per second) Feedthru Filter represents the newest inventive advancement in an ethernet networking I/O device for an RF shielded test enclosure or any RF shielded device, creating a stellar testing application for electronics manufacturers and test labs worldwide. 

– “We saw a need in the market as latency is going down, and bandwidth up, says Magnus Kilian, CEO at Ranatec. Test equipment capable of handling up to 10 Gbit is urgently needed.”

– “A benchmark extension to our current portfolio of feedthrough filters, we are proud to say that this is the best filter we have ever manufactured. The RI 4194 is based on a simple outer design,  coupled with innovative, cutting edge Scandinavian technology on the inside.” 

The Ranatec RI 4194 LAN Feedthru Filter boasts a 50 dB filter suppression level from 1.2 GHz to 50 GHz, while processing a massive 10 Gbps feedthru. 

– “Ranatec is committed to constant devepment and improvement. The new 10 GBit shielded ethernet filter offers insanely high performance at 10 times the data speed of other filters on the market. That means that you can transfer 1 Tbyte of data thru the RI 4194 filter in just 13 minutes, at warp speed,” confirms Kilian.  

By understanding the needs of the multibillion-dollar electronics market, Ranatec is creating the right value for its customers with products like the new I/O Ethernet RF filtered interface. Based on Ranatec renowned quality and engineering, the unique, high-performance offering enables customers to test their latest, cutting-edge wireless equipment with black magic proficiency. The RI 4194 testing tool enables customers to create and secure value-added product offerings and gain a competitive edge in the global marketplace. 

10 Gbps shielded ethernet feedthru filter

Ranatec RI 4194  

The Ranatec RI 4194 high performance feedthru filter is developed for all types of applications where LAN signals need to be fed through a shielded wall. It provides highly robust filter suppression performance over all mobile frequency bands. Primarily designed to fit in Ranatec’s RI 180 series shield boxes, it can also be employed separately. 

Interface features include physical connectors located at each end, and a reciprocal filter meaning the mounting direction can be either direction. Mechanical interface highlights include the RI 4194 is prepared for panel mounting with two threaded M3 screw holes on the front. It is delivered with an EMC shielding gasket for simple and reliable mounting.

For more information visit: ranatec.com