TLV915x operational amplifiers & ADS7128 ADC for High-Speed Industrial Solutions

TLV915x op amps & ADS7128 12-bit analog-to-digital converter ADC deliver exceptional DC precision with robust AC performance

Mouser Electronics is now stocking Texas Instruments’s TLV915x operational amplifiers (op amps) and ADS7128 12-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC). The op amps and ADC offers exceptional precision and performance in small form factors and work together to support a range of industrial applications, including factory automation, test and measurement equipment, and data acquisition systems.

The TI TLV915x low-offset voltage, low-noise op amps, available from Mouser Electronics, combine outstanding DC precision with robust AC performance. The 16 V general-purpose devices feature low offset, low offset drift, rail-to-rail output, and 4.5 MHz bandwidth. The low-noise operational amplifiers boast a wide differential input-voltage range, high output current of ±75 mA, and high slew rate of 20 V/µs, making them suitable for industrial use as well as high-side and low-side current sensing.

The TLV915x operational amplifiers are capable of driving the TI ADS7128 12-bit ADC, an eight-channel, multiplexed successive approximation register (SAR) type device. The ADC’s eight channels can be independently configured as digital inputs, digital outputs, or analog inputs. Operating in either autonomous or single-shot conversion mode, the ADS7128 ADC communicates using an I²C-compatible interface. The device is an integrated zero-crossing-detect module, enabling transient rejection and hysteresis near configurable threshold crossings. The ADS7128 ADC supports applications, including mobile robot CPU boards, digital multimeters, and rack servers.

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