Infinet Wireless solutions form part of Mexico’s largest drive-in

 Infinet Wireless, the global leader in fixed wireless broadband, has implemented Point-to-Point solution in Acapulco (Mexico), providing connectivity for Wi-Fi service on-site and transmission of videos in the Autocinema Acapulco Mundo Imperial, Mexico’s largest drive-in.

Administradora Pacífico Imperial has created a new entertainment space in Mexico, the Autocinema Acapulco Mundo Imperial drive-in, the largest in whole Mexico. It features wireless connectivity from Infinet Wireless point-to-point solutions.

Infinet Wireless solutions

With this technological implementation the Autocinema Acapulco Mundo Imperial drive-in managed to establish connectivity in the whole entertainment space to provide the Wi-Fi service at more than ten points of sales and booths, as well as transfer video signal for CCTV cameras, allowing security service to track movement of workers and assistants. The installation began in July 2020, covering more than 25 thousand square meters, without any additional constructions or basement it could rely on. The adaptation work ended in August 2020. To this date, the Autocinema Acapulco Mundo Imperial is Mexico’s largest drive-in, with a capacity of up to 300 vehicles for the benefit of hundreds of tourists and citizens, all while maintaining “social distance”.

Because of all the above-said, as well as for necessity to deploy the secure infrastructure immediately, it was suggested to install two radio links using InfiLINK 2×2 LITE family solutions, with a ‘Point-to-Point’ system in 5 GHz range, providing low latency and good connectivity and establishing high-quality Wi-Fi service at more than 10 connected points, together with video signal transmission. It demonstrates capacity of up to 180 Mbps in 5 and 6 GHz bands in the space of 25 thousand square meters, making it a reliable, future-ready network.

This successful project has been implemented with the cooperation of Avantec, official distributor of Infinet Wireless solutions, together with Bemira, a well-known integrator who helped to adjust the project to client’s needs, made all the planning, and besides, chose the most relevant wireless solution, reliable and ideal for working in extreme weather conditions, guaranteeing low latency.