RYC1001 IoT Cloud Platform for Low-data & Power-Saving Devices

To solve the connection problems of IoT terminal products, such as mobile devices and Wi-Fi devices that cannot find each other due to floating IP, firewalls cause cross-regional disconnection and some small data storage problems, etc. REYAX Technology developed the MQTT IoT cloud platform RYC1001, which saves a lot of cloud development costs and time for enterprises.

It can be used as long as the device supports the MQTT protocol. The compatibility test of all mainstream IoT communication modules has been completed. It can be used on Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux. The purpose is to allow enterprises to enter the cloud platform at a low cost. REYAX RYC1001 is built on a stable AWS service, we can use simple instructions to integrate the IoT cloud platform quickly as well.

The MQTT protocol uses the mechanism of Subscribe and Publish. When data in the subscribed Topic is Published, the MQTT Broker will actively notify the subscriber, so the subscriber does not need to ask continually. It can achieve the purpose of saving power consumption and transmission volume, and these events and data will be recorded in the Database. The method provided by the system can also be used to query and modify the stored data.

RYC1001 is a cloud platform suitable for low-data and power-saving devices. Because it uses the MQTT protocol, it can use simple commands to install applications and monitor terminal products. Besides, establishing an IoT connection becomes an easy thing to get started. At present, it has been applied in the fields of anti-theft, electronic locks, vehicle systems, water and electricity meters, etc.

For example, a technology company needs a cloud platform, and it compares several options, such as build a cloud platform on its own or consider other cloud platform systems. Eventually, they decided to use RYC1001 as a solution. Because of the cost advantage and maintenance service provides by REYAX, we finally earn the trust.

Any company with wireless technology needs can use RYC1001 to save engineering resources and development time. Besides, roughly estimated that it can save at least 3 million dollars in funds. RYC1001 is the best partner for you to get the data handily.