transcosmos releases a testing service that improves & stabilizes software quality in South Korea

A highly customizable service offered by experts in ultra-short-term and large-scale testing projects - the first of its kind in the South Korean BPO industry

transcosmos hereby announces that the company has released SW Testing, a software testing service in South Korea. The service helps businesses improve and stabilize software quality. In line with ISO/IEC 29119, internationally-agreed software testing standards, transcosmos will deliver the service across various industries including the nce, public sector, gaming, e-commerce, system integration, and more.

Most of the software testing services currently available in South Korea are based on a contract with a fixed number of testers for a fixed period. Recognizing the inflexibility of this approach, transcosmos began offering its SW Testing service with which clients across differing industries can customize the type and the number of testers as well as work hours based on their specific needs and requirements – the first of its kind in the BPO industry in South Korea. The SW Testing ensures a highly differentiated, flexible and agile service. The customizable contract service is available even for a limited-term project as short as two weeks, and is also effective for large-scale usability testing focusing on customer experience (CX) across all business units. Moreover, clients can receive test results on a daily basis.

To address diverse challenges in software testing processes, there are four types of service menus under the SW Testing, specifically, 1) on-site QA expert service; 2) remote testing service; 3) hybrid model service; and 4) on-demand service.

– On-site QA expert service: Two to three seasoned QA experts perform testing on highly sensitive information and complicated systems on-site, offering systematic quality assurance services.
– Remote testing service: CX-specialized tester performs testing remotely, delivering high ROI.
– Hybrid model service: Combining on-site QA expert service and remote testing service, effective for various usability testing and large-scale testing.
– On-demand service: Both on-site and remote services are available as needed based on a three months or longer contract, ensuring a flexible service.

As the evolution of the South Korean IT industry continues to gather pace, businesses must be agile and release as many services as possible in a short period of time to stay competitive. With this flexible and agile SW Testing service that meets the needs of clients, transcosmos will continue to lead the industry.

With around 10,000 people, transcosmos Korea is empowering more than 350 clients in South Korea with its business process outsourcing (BPO) services specifically optimized for each industry. The services include IT solutions development, e-commerce, digital marketing, field services (FS), management of lifelong learning institutes and education consulting, contact center opening and management, direct mail (postal delivery), omnichannel system development and management (mobile, e-mail, postal delivery), and more. Offering optimum services for each individual client across industries and sectors, transcosmos Korea helps clients optimize costs and boost sales, productivity and customer satisfaction (CS).

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