On-Demand 3D CAD Models Catalog by Amphenol RF

Amphenol RF partners with Cadenas PARTSolutions to provide customers with a convenient tool to access a growing number of 3D CAD model files

Amphenol RF is excited to provide on-demand 3D CAD models via the B2B community powered by Cadenas PARTSolutions. With over than 800 part numbers now available and more coming, this industry-leading tool provides engineers with a convenient resource to design RF products directly in their system.

The new catalog provides a variety of RF products in an on-demand format that allows engineers access to resources in a more efficient and accessible format. Engineers now have the ability to download relevant product models in different formats for use in several different CAD software programs. This is pivotal in saving time and effort within the design process, eliminating the extensive lead time involved in requesting physical samples. These downloads include metadata which is then prepopulated into the CAD software of your choice.

Engineers also have access to a graphical user interface that features a preview of the product and allows them to spin and rotate their view. This all-new catalog is part of an effort to increase the digital tools available to our customers.