Infineon launches second-generation of high-reliability non-volatile SRAM

Infineon Technologies LLC, announced the availability of its second-generation non-volatile Static RAMs (nvSRAM). The new generation of devices are qualified for QML-Q and high-reliability industrial specifications to support demanding non-volatile code storage and data-logging applications in harsh environments, including aerospace and industrial applications.

The 256 kb STK14C88C and 1 Mb STK14CA8C nvSRAMs are qualified in 32 pin 300 mil dual in-line ceramic packages for MIL-PRF-38535 QML-Q specifications (-55°C to 125°C) and for Infineon’s industrial standards (-40°C to 85°C). Both 5 V and 3 V versions support boot code, data logging and calibration data storage for aerospace, communications and navigation systems, in addition to industrial furnaces and railroad control systems. Infineon also offers wafer sales to support systems in a package solutions.

The new generation of nvSRAMs extends Infineon’s leadership in charge trap memories,” said Helmut Puchner, VP Fellow of Aerospace and Defense, at Infineon Technologies LLC. “These QML-Q and high-reliability, industrial-qualified devices in our expanded nvSRAM family demonstrate our commitment to deliver solutions for harsh operating environments that require high performance, high-reliability memories.”

Infineon’s nvSRAM technology combines high-performance SRAM with best-in-class SONOS non-volatile technology. Under normal operating conditions, nvSRAM acts similarly to a conventional asynchronous SRAM. In the event of a power failure, a nvSRAM automatically saves a copy of the SRAM data into non-volatile memory, where the data is protected for over 20 years. Infineon has shipped more than two billion SONOS-based non-volatile embedded or standalone memories.


The 256 kb STK14C88C and 1 Mb STK14CA8C nvSRAMs can be ordered now.