High-Density, Quarter Brick Dc-Dc Converters for Railway Applications

CUI Inc, a Bel group company, announced the addition of two 75 and 100 watt high-density, quarter brick dc-dc series to its isolated dc-dc converter line. These new compact products utilize the latest technology, allowing for a much smaller footprint while maintaining high operating efficiency up to 94%. These converters are additionally designed to meet the latest regulatory requirements for EN 62368-1.

These dc-dc converter models offer a wide input in a more compact quarter brick package, making it ideally suited for railway, data, telecom, and industrial applications where a large amount of power is needed in a smaller footprint.


Product series: PRQ75W-D, PRQ100W-D

Applications: Railway, data, telecom, industrial

Distribution availability: Digi-Key, Mouser,Arrow

Datasheets: PRQ75W-D, PRQ100W-D