The Importance of Technology in Education

In an age when we are relying more on technology in our everyday lives, digital competency and technical skills are vital for students of all ages. In fact, two out of every ten schools are planning to incorporate remote learning permanently, even after the end of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The world is changing fast, and giving students the tools and training they need to use technology is imperative. Using technology in education has many benefits, both in and out of school. If you’re wondering why technology in the classroom is important, keep reading!

It Gives Students Tools for the Future

Nowadays, technology is unavoidable. It’s in our homes, our cars, and our pockets. As students are preparing for college and future jobs, they need to develop skills and knowledge to help them be successful.

Many students use some form of technology every day, whether it be an iPad, video game, or smartphone. For example, an online study tool or app like Studocu can help them ace their exams through its downloadable academic resources like summaries, books, quizzes, and more. Don’t allow students to stumble and fumble their way through learning tools that they’ll encounter as part of their careers. 

Introducing technology in the classroom helps students understand how to be effective and responsible. They can use these tools to further themselves in academics and their professional career.

It Allows For Differentiation

The idea of different learning styles and paces is not new. Technological advancements can help both teachers and students address these differences. Technology can help students learn at their own pace, or investigate content geared to their learning preference.

For instance, if a student prefers listening over reading, there are learning tools and apps that can make that happen. If a student has a short attention span and needs frequent breaks, they can pause a pre-recorded lesson before continuing.

Differentiation helps students to remember more of what they learn. It also gives them a more personalized approach to their education. 

It Encourages Curiosity and Collaboration

When students get excited about what their learning, they’re more engaged and attentive. New projects and activities are possible that weren’t before. Now, students can get students excited about subjects or content that they used to think of as “boring.”

Technology also can help students to work together. They can give one another guidance and feedback. It also allows students to have more choices in what and how they learn.

It Helps Teachers

There are many tools for teachers available for example student information system software that not only help in collecting and maintaining records of students easily but also make grading and lesson planning easier. Assessment can become interactive games. Also, when students get engaged in their learning tasks, there are fewer behavior issues and more student progress.

The wide availability of educational technology solutions also means that teachers are able to spend more time helping struggling students. They can also challenge advanced learners.

Technology also can help foster genuine connections with students. This can increase their sense of belonging in the classroom.

Why Technology in Education Matters

Using technology in education sets students up for success! It gives them important life skills and helps their learning be more authentic. Technology can also benefit teachers by giving them the tools to impact their students.

If you’re reading to see how technology and learning tools can benefit students, be sure to check out more of our posts!