ON Semi to reveal New Gen of SUPERFET MOSFETs & SiC Diodes at PCIM Europe 2021

New products deliver higher efficiency for power applications

ON Semiconductor will be introducing new Superjunction (SJ) MOSFETs and SiC diodes as part of its activities during this year’s PCIM Europe Digital Event (3rd to 7th May, 2021).

Efficiency and reliability are increasing important in power applications, not least so manufacturers can meet more stringent international standards. The 650 V SUPERFET III FAST SJ MOSFETs deliver better switching performance than other Superjunction MOSFETs on the market, with improved efficiency and higher system reliability. These features are in high demand in fast-growing markets, including 5G, electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations, telecoms and server sectors.

ON Semiconductor will also be introducing automotive AECQ101 and industrial grade qualified next generation1200 V SiC diodes, ideal for high power applications such as EV charging stations and solar inverters, UPS, EV on board chargers (OBC), and EV DC-DC Converters. SiC diodes offer significant advantages over silicon solutions, including higher reliability, lower EMI and simpler cooling requirements. The new design improves on the first generation SiC diodes thanks to a smaller die size and lower capacitance. The NVDSH20120C, NDSH20120C, NVDSH50120C, and NDSH50120C deliver a lower forward voltage drop and a 4x increase in rated current, with a higher rate of change (di/dt) of 3500 A/µs. The smaller die size also returns a 20 percent lower thermal resistance in an F2 package.

ON Semiconductor will also be presenting at PCIM Europe on 4th May at multiple sessions. As part of the IPMs, Motion Control and Drives session IPM BU Engineer, Bumseung Jin, will present a paper co-authored with other ON Semiconductor engineers, entitled: ‘Third Generation of Automotive 650 V Intelligent Power Module System for Auxiliary Motor Drive Applications’. Guillem Gargallo will be presenting a live webinar on ‘Solutions for Off-Board EV Charging’ and Andrea Colognese will be participating in a PCIM conference on ‘Third Generation of Automotive 650V Intelligent Power Module System for Auxiliary Motor Drive Applications’. Alongside these ON Semiconductor will also be hosting 3 live webinars, details can be found via the following link (https://ter.li/aehcl7)

To register as a visitor to PCIM Europe 2021, please visit (https://pcim.mesago.com/nuernberg/en.html)