Mouser expands IoT Line Card with Wittra distribution deal

Mouser now stocks Wittra’s cloud gateway, sensor tags, mesh routers, & the IOT OUT OF THE BOX kit

Mouser Electronics announces a global distribution agreement with Wittra, a developer of groundbreaking open standard technology in location intelligence. Wittra’s products provide a simple, practical solution for seamlessly tracking and monitoring assets between the indoor and outdoor spheres, no matter what the environment. Through the agreement, Mouser now stocks Wittra’s cloud gateway, sensor tags, mesh routers, and the IOT OUT OF THE BOX kit.

Designed to provide cabled Ethernet or Wi-Fi connectivity to a sensor network, Wittra’s cloud gateway is simple to deploy in all environments, including heavy industrial sites, to monitor assets with a cloud-based API. The gateway includes a 6LoWPAN border router that bridges a low-power, IP-based mesh wireless network to the internet for seamless connectivity.

Wittra sensor tags are compact, rugged, pre-certified and ready for field deployment. Each IP67-rated device includes several integrated sensors and location functions, wirelessly delivering sensor data and other information to the cloud service via the cloud gateway. The sensor tag kit available from Mouser includes 10 Wittra sensor tags.

Wittra mesh routers enable users to extend and scale the coverage of their wireless sensor network. The mesh routers allow more sensor tags to join the network and spread over a larger area by forming a multi-hop mesh network. The mesh is self-forming and self-healing, providing fault-tolerance and redundant data pathways for maximum transmission reliability. The mesh router kit available from Mouser includes five Wittra mesh routers.

The Wittra IOT OUT OF THE BOX kit for rapid Internet of Things (IoT) implementation covers all applications and removes the complexity involved of running a proof of concept by taking engineers straight to proof of value. The kit includes the cloud gateway with cabled Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity, sensor tags with a long-life rechargeable battery, and mesh routers to provide network connectivity. Delivered with a cloud-based API, assets such as industrial equipment, tools, vehicles, and medical devices can be monitored to provide data on the asset location, movement, usage, temperature, and more.