7 Awesome Reasons to Outsource IT Support

Did you know that businesses spend anywhere between 1.2% to 11.4% of their revenue on IT? Of course, what your company spends will depend on what industry you’re in. But the bottom line is, IT support is a vital part of any business.

However, just because you’re spending more on IT doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better. There are smarter ways to use your money, such as spending it on outsourcing IT support. If you are looking for 24×7 services, in onsite or remote, you should easily be able to find business it support london (or wherever it is you are) for seamless services.

Are you not convinced of the benefits of outsourcing? Well, we’re here to change your mind!

Here are 7 reasons why you should outsource IT support.

1. It’ll Save You Money

It might sound strange that paying someone to handle your IT support services can save you money, but this really is the truth!

When you have an internal IT staff, you have to hire and train them extensively to make sure they’re up to speed and can serve both your employees and customers well. This takes quite a bit of time and money, and this isn’t even factoring in turnover.

When you work with a third party for IT services, they’ll give you access to experts who are already trained and skilled at their jobs. This means you can get a fully working IT support department in lightning speed, all without having to worry about hiring and training. As a result, this means you’ll save a significant amount of money.

In addition, you can scale the outsourced services up or down whenever you wish. You won’t have to pay the salaries of numerous people when there’s almost no work to be done in slower seasons. You also won’t have to be concerned about overtime or turnover!

2. You’ll Have Access to Better Talent

When you have to hire your own talent, the pool’s pretty small. Even if you look outside of your local area, the most you’ll expand your radius to is the entire state or maybe some neighboring ones.

Now think about IT support companies. They’re located all over the world, which means they can hire from a much more diverse talent pool. This means they just might have those geniuses that you need to really elevate your company’s services.

For example, if you discover CTECH, you’ll have access to IT support from Canada that you wouldn’t otherwise have when hiring on your own.

3. You Can Provide Round-the-Clock Support

Employees usually work regular 8-hour shifts and go home. Even if you stagger shift times, it’s very unlikely that you can fully cover all 24 hours of the day consistently.

As we all know, tech problems don’t sleep. Many of them happen at 3:00 am, when there’s no live IT support agent to be found! This can be extremely frustrating for both your workers and clients alike.

The fact that outsourced IT services come from all over the world means you can provide non-stop IT support! Whether it’s 5:00 am or 5:00 pm, those who need help will receive it promptly.

This can give you a leg up on your competition if word gets out that you’re this dedicated to providing service. And you won’t have to pay anyone overtime either!

4. Save Space in Your Office

It’s almost inevitable that businesses grow. Your current office space might’ve been roomy in the beginning, but now, it’s getting crowded.

With growing business needs, you need to expand your staff. But there’s just not enough room and you can’t afford to move to a bigger office space just yet.

Outsourcing IT support can help with space issues since these workers don’t need to physically be in your office. This means you won’t have to set up desks and computers for them.

5. Add an Additional Layer of Support to Your in-House Team

Just because you outsource IT services doesn’t necessarily mean you have to get rid of your in-house team. In fact, many companies choose to use third-party services as an additional layer of support.

For example, we’ve already mentioned that outsourced IT support can help out when your employees have clocked out. So once your in-house IT staff leaves the office, the outsourced workers can take over without skipping a beat.

Also, these additional experts can be a godsend when you’re going through a busy time of the year. They can handle overflow from your in-house staff so nothing slips through the cracks.

6. Stay Compliant With Data Regulations

One of the biggest advantages of outsourcing IT support is that these third parties are well-versed in laws and regulations. Not only will this provide better cybersecurity for your company, but it’ll also ensure that you’re not violating any rules and risking fines.

Laws and regulations are constantly changing, and you have better things to do than keep up with them. You can count on a third-party IT service to do this for you so you can stay focused on your passions.

7. Eliminate the Need to Keep Up With Technology

Technology’s constantly making leaps and bounds. It might feel like you’ve just bought new software for your company, only to find that you need to buy the most updated version again in a few years.

Keeping pace can be tiring and expensive. But you can’t risk falling behind, or else you’ll lose out to your competition.

The great thing about outsourcing IT support is that these workers come with their own tech. They’re required to have the latest and greatest, so you won’t have to worry about constantly upgrading your technology stack.

Outsource IT Support Today

As you can see, there are numerous benefits you can enjoy if you outsource IT support. And keep in mind that this isn’t a comprehensive list either!

There are many other outsourcing benefits you can gain, so make a smart move. Have a third party handle IT support services, make good use of your budget, and see your business grow in no time!

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