5 Situations Where a Solar Generator Can Come in Handy

Solar power has come a long way in the past few years with new innovations and regulations to support the industry. And with the United States having more power outages than any other developed country, the need for reliable solar generators is now a must.

All the severe weather, power grid outages, and lockdowns have left millions without power in the past year, with some lasting days until the power gets turned back on.

The best way to prepare for such events is by investing in a solar generator. It’s better to be prepared than to panic and look for a solution when it happens to you. Keep reading this guide to discover five situations you will wish you had one.

1. Extreme Weather Events

This past year, in 2020, a pandemic raced across the globe, forcing extensive shutdowns all over the world. It was also one of the worst years for extreme weather and power outages to make matters worse.

According to information from PowerOutage.US, in 2020, U.S utility consumers encountered 1.33 billion outage hours. For comparison, this number was up 73% from what consumers experienced in 2019. To combat this, you can purchase a solar generator for your home and assure you won’t be left without lights.

2. Camping

Wouldn’t it be nice if the next time you went camping, you had something to

  • Charge your devices
  • Plug in a fan
  • Give you light
  • Plug in a fridge

Now you can, with a solar generator for camping, you can have all your devices charged, plus you won’t have to use one of those battery-powered fans that doesn’t keep you cool anyways.

3. Boating

It’s coming up to the boating season here soon, and many people are looking forward to getting out and about after a long year. If you’re a boater, consider taking your experience up a notch with a new portable solar generator.

You get plenty of sun out on a boat. Why not make the most of it? You can power speakers and have a party, or even just keep your cell phone or tablet charged while on the water.

4. Car Breakdown

It’s hard to prepare for unexpected events like your car breaking down. However, there are certain things you can do to make the experience more comfortable.

One of the worst situations is breaking down and not having your phone or other devices charged. Rather than worrying about where your next charge will come from, pick up a portable solar generator and store it in your car.

5. Staying off the Grid

If you’re staying off the grid – whether that’s for hiking, traveling, or for any other reason, a solar generator can be your best friend.

Just in case you need power for anything, the peace of mind of having one will be a significant relief. You never know what could happen, and the better you plan, the better the experience will be.

For the Best Solar Generators and More Helpful Reviews

Who knew a solar generator could be so useful. Basically, if you spend any time outdoors and are looking for a convenient way of generating power – these devices are for you. Not only will you be able to power your devices, have lights, or even plug in a fan, you will be doing it in a cleaner and more efficient way.

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