Glass-sealed Hermetic Connectors from Glenair now available through Powell Electronics in Europe

Superior pressure resistance & excellent mechanical resistance for harsh environments

Available in Europe through Powell Electronics, the supplier of connectors and more for high-rel applications including defence, aerospace and industrial, are high reliability glass-sealed hermetic connectors from Glenair. On offer for many different connector series from Glenair, the glass-sealed hermetic connector variants resolve gas, moisture and particle ingress problems and feature superior pressure resistance to 32.000+ PSI. The devices are ideal for use in harsh environment air-tight-seal applications, e.g. submarines, satellites, underground applications, vacuum chambers, laboratory equipment and commercial and military aircrafts.

Glenair’s glass-sealed hermetic connectors benefit from high resistance to extreme operating temperatures from -180°C up to +260°C; excellent mechanical strength and no material breakdown or aging over time. The helium leak rate is very low at <1×10-7cc/sec to 1×10-10 .

All hermetic connectors are 100% tested prior to shipment. A helium leak test is performed to certify the hermetic seal. This test is conducted by inducing a 1 ATM vacuum on one side of the connector. Helium gas is released on the other side, and a mass spectrometer “counts” the number of helium molecules that penetrate the connector seal. Helium leak testing takes advantage of the small size of a helium molecule compared to air or water vapor. Helium is inert, rare in our atmosphere, and is easy to detect with a mass spectrometer.

Glass-sealed hermetic connectors are manufactured by Glenair in the United States and Italy for all Mil- and EN-standard designs and for the new custom designs.