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Working time counters and run time counters are an indispensable part of all machines that help to assess the wear and tear of entire mechanisms as well as individual components, and therefore facilitate maintenance works. They are also essential components applied in sites which employ predictive/preventive maintenance methods. Anther common application of tie counters is in rented and leased equipment, where they control the time and intensity of use. Due to their wide area of application, counters can be divided into those indicating the working time and those indicating the number of pulses (e.g. indicating a single run cycle). These devices can also decrement, i.e. subtract some time/number of pulses from the value entered.

Since counters have an important function, they must be as trouble-free as possible, yet tamper-proof. That is why our catalogue only includes high-end products of proven brands, whose solutions enjoy international recognition. One of these companies is Trumeter, a manufacturer specialising in the production of counters, who also offers a variety of high-quality solutions for related fields of application. Below, you will find a presentation of products from this supplier. Among the wide selection of products, you will surely find the right solution for your application. Please note that all products described here are available directly from TME’s warehouses, which guarantees fast delivery.

Working Time Counters

All Trumeter products meet industry standards applicable in North America, Europe, as well as in other corners of the globe. Basically, in terms of technology, they are divided into two groups: electromechanical and digital indicators. In the case of the latter, the memory of the device is maintained by a long-lasting battery which is integrated in the circuit and for which the manufacturer guarantees a lifetime of up to 10 years.

Trumeter electromechanical working time indicator.

Electromechanical counters can count time and their operating range is as long as 100,000 hours. They are designed for mounting in a panel, e.g. of a control console or an office device. Some models, such as the 720 series (the series number can be identified by the first digits of the product symbol), are additionally fitted with seals, so that the counter can be periodically cleaned without fear of damage. The power supply (and the signal to be monitored) is connected to the meters using slide-in 6.3mm connectors or screw terminals. The supply voltage depends on the series and model, and can range from 10V DC or 24V AC up to 264V AC/DC.

Trumeter electromechanical working time indicator

The group of electronic meters includes IP65- and IP66-rated products, i.e. solutions that are practically immune to moisture or dust. In their case, the maximum counted time can reach up to 10 million hours (as a matter of interest: it is worth noting that this equals to a period of over 1000 years). The digital versions, equipped with LCDs, also feature additional functionalities. For example, the 6300 series can operate in reverse (i.e. count down) as well as alert the user that a pre-set time has been exceeded (the devices support up to 3 pre-set time values). Furthermore, it is also possible to adjust the counter accuracy, which is done by shifting the decimal sign. In this way, a very precise measurement is possible, with an accuracy of up to 40Hz (0.025s).

Pulse counters

Trumeter also offers indicators that are completely devoid of electrical components, namely mechanical pulse counters. This may be of particular importance in harsh environments and old-style (or manual) machines, as well as in the case of devices that generate severe electromagnetic interference that could distort counting results which depend on electronic components.

Trumeter panel-mounted digital pulse counter

In the case of electromechanical counters, each incrementation requires the mechanism to perform a specific movement. This usually means a severe reduction in the maximum frequency at which components made with this technology can operate. Yet, Trumeter precision products are designed with pulses of 60ms or less in mind. These products are a popular choice for foundries, print shops, and material processing machines, such as cutting machines, among others. For some models (10 series), the manufacturer offers counters that can be reset using a key – which helps to avoid accidental (and unauthorised) resetting of the readings.

Digital pulse counters are characterised by high versatility. They can communicate with sensors of various types, even those operating at very low voltages (e.g. the threshold for the 7111 series is 0.7V DC). They offer large displays, including backlit ones. It should also be noted that some models feature a remote readout and zeroing function.

Multipurpose counters

The TRU-8981-1 shown in the illustration is an example of a programmable counter that can perform various functions. In addition to counting pulses or working time, it can simultaneously count pulses received within a single batch (e.g. the number of items in a package and the sum of all packaged items). It is also possible to automatically display the percentage ratio of these two variables. The devices are equipped with a communication module supporting the serial RS232/RS485 standard (or actually the industrial Modbus protocol). They also feature a tachometer/frequency meter mode of operation. A clear LED display and a keypad guarantee the readability of the result and ease of operation. Both the counter zeroing function and the keypad itself can be locked (protected by a code) from the device menu.

Panel-mounted counter with tachometer function.

Time relays

Time relay with LCD display and a single output

The 785X series timer relays are an example of a related article available in the Trumeter range. These are modular, DIN rail-mounted relays capable of switching on/off designated circuits at programmable periods ranging from 0.1s to 999 hours. These products are equipped with a display and 8 or 18 (depending on the model) operating modes. These include delayed switching, delayed pulse generation, interval, set frequency loop, etc. The housing of the 785X series models has a standardised slot width, and the supply voltage for these devices ranges from 24V to 240V AC/DC. The status of the relay is indicated by an LED.

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