Panasonic Industry adds High-power Photovoltaic MOSFET drivers to its APV series

Panasonic Industry adds high-current or high-voltage output models to its lineup of APV series Photovoltaic MOSFET drivers

Modern industrial automation solutions, energy systems and professional equipment are often extremely specialized devices that require high safety and design flexibility for switching elements like semiconductor relays. A photovoltaic driver for galvanic separation in combination with a distinct MOSFET power switch leaves nothing to be desired. 

The new APV models of Panasonic Industry’s Photovoltaic MOSFET drivers can control MOSFETS in a new range by offering high-output voltage or high-output current.

The Photovoltaic MOSFET drivers come in a miniaturized SSOP housing and provide a galvanic separation of 1,500V between the control circuit and the power output circuit. The new high-power type APV3111GVY directly switches Power MOSFETs for high-load currents, thanks to a generated output voltage of 18V used for controlling the MOSFETs Gates, a feature that reduces the number of amplifier parts on the PCB.

APV1111GVY comes into play in the context of high-speed switching with high-current requirements – and stands out with a remarkable output current of 45μA for fast MOSFET Gate charging.

It is a straightforward driver principle, one that is ready for efficient and miniaturized next-gen high-power applications in a wide range of temperatures, including power supply devices, measuring equipment, energy storage systems and much more.

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