RF & Microwave GaN PIN Diode Coaxial Packaged Switches

Fairview Microwave has just debuted a new series of high-power broadband RF and microwave PIN diode coaxial packaged switches that are ideal for aerospace and defense, microwave radio, military and commercial communications, VSAT, SATCOM, test and measurement, wireless infrastructure and fiber optics applications.

Fairview Microwave’s new high-power RF and microwave PIN diode switches utilize GaN semiconductor technology. In the manufacturing process, GaN and chip & wire technology ensures state-of-the-art power performance with excellent power-to-volume ratio, making these ideal for broadband high power applications.

Because these are PIN diode designs, they also offer fast switching speed as low as < 50 nsec. They offer excellent thermal properties and a significantly higher breakdown voltage that results in tolerating higher input power levels over broadband and narrowband RF and microwave frequencies. All models in this new product line meet a series of environmental conditions for altitude, vibration, humidity and shock, and are EAR99-compliant.

Additional features include broad frequency band coverage ranging from DC to 18 GHz with reflective SPDT and SP4T PIN diode designs. These PIN diode switches also boast compact coaxial packages, cold switching performance up to 100 watts CW RF input power, and TTL compatible driver circuitry for accurate logic control.

“Our new GaN PIN diode switches offer excellent power to volume ratio, thermal properties, and higher breakdown voltage, which delivers state-of-the-art power handling capability in small compact packages, plus they’re available with same-day shipping,” said Tim Galla, Product Line Manager.

Fairview Microwave’s new high-power RF and microwave PIN diode switches are in-stock and available for immediate shipping with no minimum order quantity (MOQ) required.