Is Building Email Lists Dead In 2021?

Email marketing is one of the digital marketing channels that stood the test of time. Even with the emergence of new communication channels like live chats and social media in recent years, email marketing has continued to grow with more people using it globally.

Most businesses use emails to generate leads and nurture them down the marketing funnel. Mike Dillard List Grow mentions that this communication channel is preferred by businesses due to its ability to generate significantly high returns on investment compared to others. 

The trend of email marketing is also being seen in businesses like media industry, Transport industries, garment industry and healthcare industry. Apart from this, there are other healthcare marketing ideas which have become increasingly popular, as the marketing of healthcare services needs to be thorough and informative in order to gain the trust of the consumer.

Businesses integrating emails in their marketing strategy enjoy a return on investment for every dollar spent. Based on this potential and the consistent usage of emails, marketing through this method is alive in 2021.

Building An Email List for Email Marketing

An email list refers to a special list containing names and email addresses of prospects or customers who’d receive promotions and updates from a business. This can be generated from email marketing systems and it’s used to deliver bulk notifications, updates, news, and even educative content to your audience while managing mailing lists to help you send more targeted emails to your list.

Having an email list in 2021 is a must for any business. Here’s how you can use this in marketing:

1. Contact Your Prospects Directly

The easiest way to reach your target audience is by sending them direct messages, and you can only do this when you have an email list. When you build an email list with contacts of your target audience, you have a unique opportunity to share information about your offerings. An effective way to build high quality email lists (those which have not been posted publicly online) is to work with a marketing company that can curate a list tailored to your niche. If you for instance work in B2B sales of spa products and equipment, working with a company who can provide email lists of med spa business owners would be the best decision in order to have the best chance of high clickthrough % on your emails.

The beauty of doing this is content that’s delivered via email is sent to the recipients’ inbox without limitations. When you have an email list, you can customize marketing messages to respond to the needs of your target audience. 

By doing this, you increase your chances of getting specific feedback from your audience on their preferred services.

2. Narrow Your Focus To Promising Prospects

When people subscribe to your email list, it means they’re interested in your business and the products or services you offer. Having an email list makes it easier for you to identify and segregate individuals who’ve shown interest in what you offer. This knowledge enables you to narrow your focus to such prospects. You can find out what they like and even follow them up using a different strategy or sending them a second follow-up email after no response for the previous sent mail.

3. Develop Effective Marketing Campaigns

When you’re rolling out a digital marketing campaign, you need to be clear on the various categories of customers or prospects you’re targeting with your marketing messages. Often, the easiest way to categorize your prospects and target them with relevant information is to build an email list. 

For instance, you can segment the people you have on your email list based on their positions, demographics, or interest. Using this list, you’ll be able to control when, how, and who you need to contact or target with your marketing campaign. 

4. Grow Your Revenue Levels

The easiest way to build an email list is to invite your official website visitors to share their contact information with you by subscribing to your site. By choosing to join your email list, your visitors demonstrate the interest they may have in your services or products. 

Having their contacts on your email list enables you to initiate contact and follow them up. When you connect to prospects directly via email to inform them about your solutions or any other information, they’d do a purchase decision, and you increase their chances of converting them into paying customers. 

Emailing prospects increases your chances of winning customers over and adding your revenue significantly.

5. Increase Visitor Return Rate

The aim of marketing your business digitally is to drive traffic to your site. However, a number of people can show up on your website then leave without taking action. Worse, they may never go back if you don’t have a strategy to lure them. 

Placing lead capture forms that invite them to join your email list is a great way to turn visitors into leads and boost their return rate. The email list enables you to inform them of special offers and new services or products to give them a reason in visiting your site again. 

Final Thoughts

An email list is a tool that can drive effective marketing activities in any business. Without one, your organization will struggle to convert the people who visit your website. Also, leads that can be nurtured to become paying customers would be more challenging. 

With the growing number of email users, building email lists has never been critical as it is in 2021. Consider the ideas mentioned here as you plan for your marketing strategy.