Kona Power Connectors from Harwin now available through Powell Electronics

60A of continuous current per contact on a 8.5mm pitch

Powell Electronics is now stocking the new Kona high-reliability power connectors from Harwin. Highly durable and capable of delivering 60 A of continuous current per contact, Kona connectors support battery charging applications without needing to divide the current across multiple contacts.

Kona connectors from Harwin benefit from a six-finger beryllium copper contact design with full gold plating in an 8.5 mm pitch. The components are individually shrouded on both male and female versions, preventing accidental touching and physical damage. Designed for use in harsh environments, the devices rely on a rugged cable-to-board design to maintain electrical continuity during heavy vibration and shock. Featuring stainless steel thumb screws on the female connector housing, the power connectors can be easily repaired without any tools required.

The Kona connectors also use an innovative mate-before-lock mechanism which ensures contacts are fully mated before engaging fixings. The robust connectors offer a durability of 250 mating cycles, a wide operating temperature range of -65°C to 150°C, and a 5kV maximum voltage rating. Available in a single row of two-, three-, or four-contacts, the devices are ideal for a range of uses in extreme conditions, including power control systems, robotic drives, electric vehicle battery monitoring and management, satellites, and UAVs