5 Key Features And Benefits Of Cloud Computing

Access to your data anytime, anywhere is made possible, thanks to cloud computing. You don’t have to disrupt your operations for your business because you’re unable to access some of your data. This could be avoided if you store your data on cloud platforms. To learn more about cloud computing’s benefits, check out the following.

1. Flexibility

Whatever size your company is, the time will come when you’d have to scale your business. If you’re using traditional hosting, you may need to change it as it may not accommodate your growing needs.

But with cloud computing, you can enjoy extra flexibility. You can scale anytime, in real time, without requiring a restart. Moreover, you won’t have to pay for unnecessary space when expanding.

What’s even better is it allows users to connect extra network bandwidth or RAM with fewer clicks. For instance, you may get more site visitors and responses than usual after launching a new ad campaign. In the cloud, you can avoid crashes or downtime even with the extra load. With your site crashing or slow to load, visitors are more likely to abandon it, resulting in losses. But you can be prepared and scale up any time with cloud computing and veeam reseller.

2. Security

If you’re worried about security, find reputable managed IT services offering cloud computing solutions. Since you’d be storing your data, files, and programs offsite, you need the best protection available.

Cybercriminals can remotely access your data as you do. If you’re a small business, the more likely are cybercriminals to target you. They can take advantage of any loophole in your system, attack it, and sell your data to your competitors. But with cloud computing services, your provider can focus on monitoring your data or traffic. Their job is to keep your system secure continuously.

You can also prevent internal data theft that disgruntled employees may commit. Sensitive data don’t need to be where your employees are located. You can keep them secure using cloud computing solutions and authorize only trusted employees to access them.

Another highlight of cloud computing is the encryption of data. Thus, data being transmitted become less accessible to unauthorized people since you can personalize security settings based on the user.

Or you can quickly recover your data in case of cyberattacks. By doing so, your business operations won’t have to stop—all credits to the features of cloud computing.

3. Affordability

It may seem expensive at first, but cloud computing can be more cost-effective in the long run. Especially since more businesses now prefer it, more service providers also emerge, making the service more affordable.

It doesn’t end there, though. You can also save money on traditional and self-managed IT infrastructure or hardware. Now, you don’t have to buy physical computers or employ an in-house IT team. With cloud computing, all you need will be available online.

Moreover, when faced with an emergency, your service provider can quickly fix it for you as part of its package. This will save you from paying for technical repairs.

4. Increased Storage Capacity

As mentioned, you’d no longer need to purchase several hard drives to save your data or files. Cloud computing platforms allow you to have unlimited storage at any time. You won’t have to stop your business activities because your system is at its maximum capacity and you’d need to wait for a new storage system to resume operations.

If ever you paid for a specific amount of storage and it becomes full, you can just contact your provider or upgrade your plan. Then your system will be working fine in a couple of minutes, not days.

Moreover, cloud computing service providers automatically sync your devices, automating backups. You can do business using your phone, laptop, or computer at any time without worrying about transferring files from one device to another.

And if you’re thinking about software updates, your service provider will also do it for you. Your provider will enable you to use up-to-date cloud to keep you running your business efficiently.

5. Increased Collaboration

Don’t let borders stop you from hiring employees across the globe. Hire national or international talents. Wherever your employees are, you can easily connect and collaborate with them through cloud-based platforms. They can access and share your files easily using their devices.

You also don’t have to personally meet them as you can hold a video conference to show them the documents or files. You can use your cloud storage and hosting for real-time presentations and documentation.


Cloud computing is not a new thing, so taking advantage of its features and benefits would help you in many ways. Even for personal use, cloud computing offers much. From saving data to securing them on an offsite location, you won’t have to worry about where and how to manage your system. As they say, work smart to produce more effective results.