Mouser Debuts New Automotive Content Stream the YAGEO Group

Mouser Electronics and the YAGEO Group of companies have partnered to create a new content stream devoted to new products and trends in the automotive industry. Designers and engineers can access the platform by visiting

The YAGEO Group includes KEMET, Pulse Electronics, and YAGEO, innovative electronic component companies with extensive experience and expertise in materials science. As automotive design evolves to include complex electronics, connectivity, performance, and automation, high-quality components are needed to meet design requirements and deliver a safe, reliable driving experience. The new resource site from Mouser and the YAGEO Group provides a comprehensive collection of products, design strategies, and technical details needed to create the next generation of automotive solutions.

The new online content platform features 30 technical articles, videos, webinars, and white papers, each providing valuable insights into the latest automotive applications and their specific design requirements. Each content piece includes product information for relevant solutions from the YAGEO Group companies, connecting engineers to the technical knowledge and products required to address each application.

Mouser offers a comprehensive selection of YAGEO Group products, including a broad range of application-specific products for the automotive industry. The KEMET R71H high-temperature, AEC-Q200-qualified film capacitors support power factor corrections and pulse applications, with an extended operating temperature range of -55°C to +125°C, enabling the capacitors’ use in demanding automotive applications. The YAGEO automotive TVS diodes offer high reliability and fast response speeds, protecting sensitive electronic equipment from transient voltage events, including lightning strikes. The Pulse Electronics PM21x transformers are high-isolation devices ideal for a range of low-power automotive applications. The IATF- and AEC-Q200-qualified transformers provide application and safety isolation between high voltage sources.