Vitesco to deliver 800 V Electric Motor to one of the leading Electric Vehicle OEMs in China

Vitesco Technology announces another step forward on its 800 V technology roadmap: After introducing an 800 V inverter only a half year ago, the technology company is now preparing the SOP for 800 V electric traction motor technology in China. The motor fits to the overall EMR4 platform, which was introduced at the 13th Transmission Symposium in China on July 8, 2021. Stator and rotor will be part of a leading Chinese OEM’s electric vehicle powertrain platform. 

Vitesco Technologies will manufacture this technology at its Tianjin site on a new line. The earlier development of the 8-layer hairpin stator was a global project. The SOP for the 800 V motor technology is scheduled for 2023.

We are proud to contribute to the impressive growth of our Chinese customer by delivering technology for an 800 V platform. This business success is based on our R&D and manufacturing presence in China and was backed up by our global footprint. We are bringing proven 800 V expertise and also long-standing hairpin manufacturing know-how to this project”, said Thomas Stierle, Executive Vice President Electrification Technology business unit, Vitesco Technologies.  

Drive technology to strengthen the market position

New Energy Vehicle (NEVs), including electric vehicles (EVs), are a quickly growing part of the important Chinese market: Based on CAAM figures, NEV sales may well surpass 2 million units in 2021. As the numbers of NEVs are surging, it becomes more important for each EV manufacturer to differentiate its products in the market. The shift to 800 V technology is part of this process because it offers faster charging, a higher overall energy efficiency and attractive driving properties.

“The Chinese market is not only of paramount importance on the global scale. It is also a competitive market that welcomes and appreciates innovation and premium quality“, said Changsong Yu, head of the Electrification Technology business unit Asia. “The 800V technology significantly enhances our competitiveness in the electrification market position in China. Our pioneering technology fulfills our mission of powering clean mobility”, added Yu.

With its EMR3 platform Vitesco Technologies is already mass-producing prize-winning and highly efficient axle. The addition of 800 V motor technology for the EMR4 platform further completes the portfolio which now spans everything from components to full axle drives with a choice of the voltage level. Cutting edge silicon carbide technology (SiC) gives the new 800 V motor a high efficiency. Its 8-layer hairpin design ensures an optimum copper fill factor which translates into more power from compact dimensions. For Vitesco Technologies the stator and rotor are the first series application of its 800 V motor technology. It is also the first traction motor design for oil-cooling.