SIDO 2021 or Understanding the Trends That the Industry Is Adopting

How can companies make machine learning technologies more accessible? As events slowly reopen, one way to bolster innovation is to join local events. Hence, ST will actively participate in SIDO 2021 in Lyon and Paris, two French conferences that will take place on September 22 and 23, 2021, and November 9 and 10, 2021, respectively. Artificial intelligence, IoT, robotics, and extended reality technologies will take center stage. It will thus be a unique opportunity to meet ST and our ecosystem of Authorized Partners who will be on our booth as members of the ST Partner Program. Attendees will also have access to keynotes, talks, and workshops to understand better where the industry is heading and how to steer upcoming projects.

SIDO 2021: Making Machine Learning at the Edge More Approachable

Machine learning at the edge will have a special place at those events. For instance, Raphaël Apfeldorfer, AI Solutions Product marketing at ST, will participate in a panel dealing with AI on embedded systems and cloud platforms. Moreover, it will be the first time we’re demonstrating applications created using NanoEdge AI since our Cartesiam acquisition last May. More specifically, ST will have a people flow counting demo that relies on an STM32 and our VL53L5X time-of-flight sensor. The system calculates the number of persons walking in and out of a room. However, instead of planning for exceptional cases in the code, we used NanoEdge technologies to simplify developments.

Among the many other demos, ST will showcase facial recognition software on the STM32H7 and a condition monitoring platform for anomaly detection using an STM32L4 and industrial-grade sensors. Phytec, the famous SOM maker, will show new AI applications that run on an STM32MP1 and OpenSTLinux. Similarly, Inventhys will present an AI-powered flag system used to judge Karate competitions. The demo runs on an STM32WB and the first motion sensor in the industry with finite state machines, the LSM6DSO.

SIDO 2021: Making Embedded Systems More Accessible

An event like SIDO 2021 is a great way to bring innovations to more people. For instance, ST will display a demo around its eSIM solution, such as ST4SIM, our first GSMA-certified eSIM for industrial and consumer applications. The solution makes connecting to a cloud far more straightforward thanks to free trial subscriptions. Indeed, engineers can take advantage of our partner operators to start prototyping right after the trade show. Similarly, Wurth Electronics will showcase our new EVALKIT-ROBOT-1, a reference design for robotics.

Connecting sensors to a cloud is also becoming far simpler. For instance, BLUEGRioT will demo the AUDITKIT, a system for warehouses and stores that connects sensors to a cloud. Similarly, Trusted Objects will present a secure system running on an STM32WL, the first MCU with an embedded LoRa transceiver. Finally, Samea will show how an STM32WB can help process and transmit sensor data in the context of a smart building.

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