Mouser & DERBI Foundation to build a Component Bank at the Mouser Innovation Lab in India

Mouser DERBI Foundation Component Bank & Tech Talk

Mouser Electronics together with the DERBI Foundation announces a partnership to build a component bank at the Mouser Innovation Lab in India. The partnership will help innovators and early-stage start-ups to build their proofs-of-concept and allow them to overcome the challenges of procuring the components for their designs.  

DERBI Foundation, a world-class incubation centre fuelling entrepreneurship dreams of ambitious start-ups, launched a survey to find out which components and equipment Mouser Innovation Lab users need to help them minimize the high costs, component shortages and procedural delays that can hinder a proof of concept.

The component bank will be stocked with the evaluation modules, test and measurement equipment, capital equipment, and discrete components that the survey respondents requested. The Mouser component bank will enable innovators to check out equipment as necessary and then return it after use, facilitating a rapid turnaround time from idea to proof of concept.

In addition, Mouser is planning a series of Tech Talk sessions for late 2021 to highlight the latest product offerings available from Mouser’s manufacturer partners. The first Tech Talk will occur September 30, 2021, co-hosted by DERBI Foundation and Analog Devices. Technical experts from Analog Devices will explore the basics and challenges of precision technology, as well as Analog Devices’ extensive health care product portfolio.

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