Top 25 Electronics Companies in Bangalore India 2022

Texas Instruments:
Global Semiconductor Company headquartered in Dallas, the U.S. that manufacture, designs, tests & sells semiconductors, integrated circuits, analog, and embedded processing chips. Texas has its own 14 global manufacturing facilities worldwide which include 7 assembly & test factories, 10 wafer fabs, and multiple bumps & probe facilities. The company also invent process & packaging technologies for customers and has an R&D center in Bangalore.

Mitsubishi Electric India Private Limited:
Headquartered in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation is a leader in the manufacture of electrical & electronic products and provides semiconductors and devices, power modules, etc. The company provides solutions and products for Factory Automation, Transportation Systems, Air Conditioners, and Visual & Imaging. The Indian branch of the company is in New Delhi offering a wide range of products for the Indian market.

JVS Electronics Private Limited: based protection relays manufacturers and suppliers in India, offering reliable and safe products in the Electrical Protection Industry JVS Electronics product range includes Numerical relays, Current relay, Numerical over Current Relay, Microprocessor-based relays, Time delay relays, and much more.

Hi-Q Electronics Private Limited: of high-quality Multilayer PCBs in India, Hi-Q Electronics production facility is situated in Hosur where the company produces prototypes and high-reliability PCB’s for Space, Aerospace & Defense applications and also small quantity PCB’s with quick turnaround times.

Centum Electronics Private Limited: www.centumelectronics.comOffer broad range of products and services across different industry segments and works in Designs, Embedded Software, FPGA, Mechanical, RF, Analog and Power domains. Situated in Yelahanka Newtown Bangalore, Centum provides Electronic Manufacturing Services, Hybrid Microelectronic products and customized products for Defence & Space.

C&B Electronics Private Limited:
Dedicated to logistics sector, C&B Electronics is a solutions provider of Real Time Tracking Systems. CNB’s RFID and cloud-based tracking solutions & products enable real time management of assets, resources & objects. Its corporate office is at Bengaluru and provides algorithm enabled location intelligence & planning solutions.

Southern Electronics:
The company cater to Defence & Aerospace and other sectors like Mining, Industrial / Environmental protection and supply spares parts for Avionic LRUs, test rigs & ground support equipment. It is engaged in manufacturing, Product support, Design & Development and MRO activities.

Ramtek Electronics & Power Instruments Pvt. Ltd: design & develop Solar Charge Regulators, Battery back-up power supplies, DC-DC Converters and SMPS. Specialize in Custom Design, Development & Testing of Power supplies and Solar Charge Regulators.

Murata Electronics (India): in design, supply & manufacture of leading-edge electronic components, advanced electronic materials, multi-functional, & high-density modules. Known as the World’s first mercury-free silver watch battery innovator, Murata also provides RFID device/system & solutions, Capacitors, Piezoelectric components, Connectors, and MEMS sensors, etc. The Indian branch of the company is located in Bangalore.

Excel Electronics:
Supplier of active and passive components in leaded and SMD forms located in Hyderabad. Excel Electronics Source and market the Electronic components and equipment, of International Repute.

Miracle Electronic Devices Private Limited:
Bangalore-based Toroidal / laminated transformers, and inductors manufacturer in India. The company is also involved in developing solutions for Magnetics, Wiring Harness, SMPS, box building, and power supplies.

Smile Electronics Limited:
Situated at Bhattarahalli, Bangalore, Smile Electronics provide cost-effective electronic manufacturing solutions for HIGH MIX – HIGH TECH solutions. The company specializes in PCB assembly, Flexi, Flexi-rigid PCBs, PCB assembly test analysis and has expertise in BGA mounting, Prototype Fabrication, BGA Rework, and EMS Solutions, etc.

Dexcel Electronics Designs:
Leader in the manufacturing and development of embedded systems, Dexcel is a Fabless Embedded Product Engineering design house in Bengaluru that excels in Design Prototyping & has expertise in FPGA and ASIC centric designs. The company has an in-house Assembly unit and offers High Mix Build-to-Print OEM/ODM and Augmentation Services.

Mysore Electricals Industries:
A leading public sector undertaking of the Government of Karnataka, Mysore Electricals is a manufacturer of high-quality Switchgear, Solid State Electronic relays, allied switchgear equipment, and Motor Control Gears. MEI’s product line includes a wide range of stator rotor starters, High-Voltage circuit breakers, relays and control devices, and high voltage metal-clad switchgear, etc.

Micro Logix:
Provider of Electronics Manufacturing and Design Services, headquartered in Bangalore. MicroLOGIX is an Electronic Solutions provider ranging from Sourcing, Design & Support Services, Firmware Development, design of Low Power IoT Gateways, Hardware, Android Application Development, Pilot/Bulk Manufacturing, and Cloud Integration to customers in India & Europe.

Hi-rel Electronics Limited:
Hi-Rel Electronics Pvt. Ltd is a Hitachi group company, a pioneer in the power electronics market. The company manufactures UPS, solar and string inverters, IT & Infra UPS, medium & low voltage variable frequency drives, and air compressors. Its manufacturing facility is at Sanand near Ahmedabad in Gujarat and offers a wide range of power electronics products and customized solutions.

Sparr Electronics Limited:
Sparr is a leading design, development, and manufacturer of Data Communication Peripherals, Networking & Communication Products company based in Banaswadi, Bengaluru. Its core-competency areas include Remote Monitoring Solutions, Controller Boards, Wired & Wireless Connectivity Solutions, Protocol and Interface Converters, and Design to deliver solutions to the Electronics and Telecoms industry.

Tronics Zone Electronic Design:
Provides quality services in Embedded Systems, Software development, Electronic product design, IoT Hardware, Prototyping, and Electronic Manufacturing. Tronics is popular for making the designs at low cost with a minimum number of parts per board, fast turnaround time, and offering top-quality service to customers across the globe.

Corel Technologies (India) Private Limited:
Headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka, India Corel is a Customer Application Specific Product & Solutions (CASPS) company and a developer of advanced electronic system level products and solutions. The company offers Design and Development, Intellectual Property (IP) cores, Next-Gen Digital products, System Design, and Prototype Development solutions.

Em Electronix Private Limited:
Electronic Product Design and Development Company operating in Automotive, Defense, and Industrial Sectors. Its product range includes Unified Electronic Controller, EDS Controller, Automotive Wiring Harness, Rugged UPS for Defence and Aerospace, Design and Development of Real-Time Embedded Systems, etc.

HBL Power Systems Limited:
The world’s second-largest manufacturer of Nickel-Cadmium batteries, HBL is the only Indian company with Pure Lead Thin Plate VRLA battery technology. The company offers advanced-technology batteries for Defense, Aviation, Oil & Gas, Process industries and has six manufacturing locations in India.

Cotmac Electronics Private Limited:
Industrial Automation Company providing solutions for factory and process automation applications in automotive, paper & textile, energy, material handling, food & beverages industries etc. It has five manufacturing plants and 13 branch offices in India.

Methode Electronics India:
Manufacturer of component and subsystem devices headquartered in Chicago. The company manufactures and designs mechatronic products for OEMs, custom-engineered and application-specific products.

Sienna Ecad:
India’s leading PCB analysis, design, and engineering company in Bangalore offers multitool Electronic design and analysis solutions in Semiconductor, Power, Transportation, Networking, IoT, and Medical segments.

Indus Technology Private Limited:
Bengaluru based distributor of Electronic Components, Electronic Capacitor, and Channel Partner of Power Resistor.