Basler integrates CMOS Sensors from Gpixel into ace 2 Portfolio

As one of the first computer vision providers, Basler is expanding its portfolio of digital industrial cameras to include models with CMOS sensors from the manufacturer Gpixel. The 16 new models in the Basler ace 2 camera family, in combination with the matching Basler Lenses, offer customers a good mix of performance and price for cost-conscious factory automation applications, robotics, and automated optical inspection.    

Impressive performance at competitive prices: Basler continues to pursue this approach with the latest addition of CMOS sensors from the manufacturer Gpixel. The two sensor models GMAX2505 and GMAX2509, with resolutions of 5 and 9 megapixels, offer a compact, affordable solution in the ace 2 Basic product line, together with the matching Basler Lenses, coordinated accessories, and the pylon Camera Software Suite. The maximum benefit of this camera-sensor combination is delivered by the ace 2 Pro models with their Beyond features, Compression Beyond and Pixel Beyond. All 16 new models are equipped with USB 3.0 or GigE interface and global shutter sensor and deliver frame rates from 12 to 64 frames per second. 

Trend towards smaller pixels continues

High-performance small pixels allow ever-higher resolutions to be achieved on smaller sensor formats. Basler pushes this trend further with the new ace 2 Gpixel cameras. With a starting price of 429 Euro for the 5-megapixel global shutter version, the 16 new models can help reduce the total cost of ownership of an image processing system. This latest addition expands the portfolio of Basler’s ace 2 camera series with its two product lines ace 2 Basic and ace 2 Pro to a total of about 90 models, with sensors from Gpixel and Sony providing resolutions from 2.3 to 24 megapixels and frame rates up to 160 frames per second.

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