Enhanced Re-flex II Carrier Tape Forming System for Semiconductor and Electronic Component Manufacturers

Adaptsys has introduced enhancements to the Re-flex II on-demand tape-forming system to deliver greater part-packaging speed and efficiency for semiconductor and other electronic component manufacturers. By producing carrier tape to their specifications on site using Re-flex II, manufacturers can achieve a return on investment on materials alone within 12 months, plus significant productivity and quality control improvements.

Now with hardware-accelerated control algorithms that increase tape-forming speed, Re-flex II creates pockets at up to 4m/min., raising productivity and enabling users to significantly reduce turnaround times, further enhancing the financial returns on the system.

In addition, the new Crosswinder option for Re-flex II gives extra flexibility to produce more pockets per reel. Crosswinder increases both packing efficiency, ensuring easier transport and storage of filled reels, while also raising the performance of reels fitted to high-speed tape and reel systems. On the factory floor, reels filled using Crosswinder carry larger numbers of components allowing longer times between feeder changes.

On-demand tape forming delivers valuable extra flexibility for any organisation needing an efficient and flexible solution for handling large numbers of components,” said James Cawkell, Technical Director of Adaptsys.  “With our latest innovations that increase speed and component storage capacity, Re-flex II now delivers even greater value. With the savings against the price of pre-formed tape, owners can expect a faster return on their investment.”

Re-flex II equips component manufacturers and vendors to form pocketed tape as and when they need. Usage modes allow the formed tape to be wound onto reels or delivered directly into a component packing process. Re-flex II owners can avoid the supply-chain issues encountered when sourcing pre-formed tape, while “on demand” forming saves the space needed to store empty tapes waiting to be loaded. The system can produce both standard and custom tape pockets, with smart tooling that allows swapping between tape designs in minutes. The flexibility to switch between pocket forms helps simplify inventory.

When supplying tape directly to a component packaging process, Re-flex II reduces the number of times the supply carrier tape needs to be changed, especially with deeper pocket parts. A conventional 22” (560mm) reel can hold 40 metres of tape pre-formed with 6mm-deep pockets. At a component-taping speed of 2 metres per minute, the reel must be changed every 20 minutes. The Re-flex II supply reel contains up to 1000 metres of unformed tape, extending the changeover interval to eight hours. Hence the reel can be changed once per shift, minimising operator intervention, reducing equipment downtime, and increasing productivity.

Ideal for packaging electronic components such as ICs, connectors, electromechanical components, or miniature PCB assemblies such as antenna modules, Re-flex II also provides an efficient solution for packaging mechanical components such as springs for easy storage and fast, efficient retrieval.

Re-flex II is available to order from Adaptsys www.reflex-odt.com/semi/