AAEON Releases Two Powerful Solutions for AI Edge Server and Industrial Automation

AAEON, a leading manufacturer of industrial embedded platforms, announces a pair of systems designed for high performance applications, the BOXER-6840-CFL and BOXER-8332AI. Powered by the 8th/9th Generation Intel® Core™ and Xeon® processors, the systems provide expandability alongside durable design for rough environments, enabling users to deploy in applications ranging from industrial automation to AI Edge servers.

Based around a shared platform, the BOXER-6840-CFL and BOXER-8332AI are designed to bring high-performance computing to industrial embedded applications. The platform features the 8th/9th Generation Intel Core and Xeon processors (formerly Coffee Lake/Coffee Lake Refresh), supporting processors up to 71W TDP. The system offers an innovative thermal design, allowing even the highest end processor to operate in temperatures from -20°C to 60°C without a loss in performance. Additionally, the systems support up to 128 GB of memory, allowing full, unthrottled processing performance.

The BOXER-6840-CFL and BOXER-8332AI are built with expandability in mind, with a PCIe [x4] slot and PCIe [x16] slot designed to support GPUs, AI accelerators, frame grabbers, and more. The BOXER-6840-CFL supports actively cooled cards up to 250mm long, allowing for flexible deployment around individual application needs. The BOXER-8332AI comes standard with the NVIDIA® T4 General Purpose GPU (GPGPU) to power AI Edge server capabilities as well as other AI powered applications.

A broad range of I/O features help the systems deliver flexibility to connect with a wide range of sensors, controllers, cameras and more. This includes six USB3.2 Gen1 Ports, four COM ports, three Gigabit Ethernet ports and optional 8-bit DIO. Both systems are designed to more easily fit into spaces such as machine cabinets or other tight spaces, allowing more flexibility in deployment. Additionally, the systems are designed with rugged construction in mind, with the BOXER-8332AI capable of withstanding up to 1G vibrations and 5G drop and shock impacts with a GPU installed, thanks to its GPU securing bracket.

“The BOXER-6840-CFL and BOXER-8332AI bring performance and expandability to power demanding industrial applications,” said David Chang, Product Manager with AAEON’s System Platform Division. “By adding on expansion cards or using NVIDIA Graphics Cards, our clients can deploy our systems to power industrial automation, machine makers, and AI Edge servers for IIoT deployments.”

AAEON provides industry leading support, from customization to OEM/ODM services. With AAEON’s partnership, clients can find and configure solutions that meet their exact application needs, helping accelerate deployment and shorten time-to-market.